Sunday, March 27, 2005

No Child Left Behind? Sure, well take your paper money.....

So the Utah Legislature, none of whom filed the constitutionally required oath of office, thought they could just waltz in and take a Federal bribe, and then cut the strings that come attached?

Bush administration officials have conducted round-the-clock negotiations in an attempt to prevent Utah from becoming the first state to ignore the school accountability law. The law establishes conditions for states and school districts with low-income families to receive about $13 billion a year in federal grants. Utah's share is about $116 million, which the state would lose if it spurns No Child Left Behind requirements. [Washington Times]

WRONG! They already took the bribe, so it was too late to back out. It’s no wonder these folks don’t know have a clue about what they are doing. They buried the Constitution under that huge pile of paper.

"How can they possibly teach children where our nation came from when they have no clue themselves?"

Why the people in the State of Utah continue to support these imposters is beyond comprehension. Waking them up is like trying to move Mount Olympus one foot to the left.

Folks, it’s time to get the gold and silver scuba gear out, and get ready to go down the drain. It doesn’t look like there’s much time to suit up.

Will GM will soon be a $300 billion dollar blow-up?

For every one point that interest rates rise, refinancing GM's debt will cost an additional $3 billion in annual interest payments -- money that they clearly do not have! Where is GM going to get another $3 to $6 to $9 billion as interest rates rise by 1%, 2%, and 3% more? Selling cars? Nope. Selling stock? Unlikely in this market! Borrowing more? From who? The U.S. government itself is propping up this bond market, and there are no buyers even for U.S. bonds, and there haven't been for months now!

So, therefore, GM will soon be a $300 billion dollar blow-up!

How big is that? It's bigger than Enron, Global Crossing, LTCM, K-Mart, and the IRAQ war all put together!

If the government can't sell bonds while running a deficit, then the government must simply be printing money to fund the deficit--and they are, as can be seen in the rate of growth of the money supply, M3! Therefore, inflation is raging, and interest rates must keep pace, which is why GM is doomed!
It may take a few months for this to play out. You may have time to buy silver at under $10/oz. for a few more weeks or months. But after GM declares bankruptcy, which may take between 3 months to a year, get ready for the dollar to crash by more than 90% in the following 6-12 months.


Billionaires like Warren Buffett have been buying up gold at a rate that most Americans can't even relate to, but those in the industry say Americans should pay attention when someone like Buffett is giving up the paper for gold.

Since there is no money in the U.S. Treasury and all income tax dollars go to pay the central bank for borrowing by Congress so they can continue to spend, only time will tell if America is indeed headed for a severe depression.


The courts, inundated with litigation brought by creditors against debtors, will enter one all-inclusive judgment: "Pay up!" Being lap dogs of the Establishment, judges will employ all of their well-honed skills of kangaroo jurisprudence to function as merciless collection agents for the banks, mortgagors, credit-card companies, and other voracious bloodsuckers to whom so many Americans are indebted beyond any hope of repayment. Mammoth redistribution of wealth will occur by judicial fiat. (Perhaps this is the subtext of the contemporary push for "bankruptcy reform".) But no one will be allowed to challenge the fundamental fraudulence of the system that encouraged and constructed such an unsustainable pyramid of debt in the first place.

Perhaps most worrisome overall, though, is that, were the Federal Reserve to tumble down tomorrow, the political usurpation and tyranny that would likely arise from the rubble would dwarf in size, scope, and Stalinist savagery even the worst of Franklin Roosevelt's grabs for unconstitutional power.

Even the most abusive precedents established under Roosevelt, however, will not define the outermost reaches of the "emergency" powers contemporary public officeholders will seize in the event of a new monetary and banking crisis. Rather, they will employ whatever police-state tactics they deem necessary to deter and punish violations of their "regulations, limitations and restrictions"--from fines and forfeitures of property to incarceration in prison cells, internment in prison camps, and interment in graves.

Worse yet, they consider themselves free of the strictures of traditional morality--which apparently died along with God, when the Establishment imposed "separation of church and state" as America's secular religion. Indeed, the Supreme Court has informed all Americans that the Justices can now interpret the Constitution according to "authorities" they themselves select that "point in an opposite direction" from "the history of Western civilization and * * * Judeo-Christian moral and ethical standards". Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558, 572-73 (2003) (Anthony Kennedy, J., for the Court). And if the Supreme Court can do this for itself, surely it can authorize Congress and the President, or the Department of Homeland Security, or some trigger-happy local SWAT-team commander to do so, too.


For decades Lloyd watched the erosion of the America of our Founders. At some point, he was in contact with Maj. Roberts’ program, which came into being “so the people of this nation could have the Constitution returned to them.” He said the effort was good but it “requires the will of many people [for it to happen]. That’s the hard part.”

He’s right. It is hard to fight multi-layered factions of the powerful and greedy who believe they have been chosen to create utopia—one that fits only their beliefs and worldview. It's hard to fight the agenda of the secularists, the globalists, the fascists, and the communists. How do you fight those who believe there is no God, no heaven, no hell, and all religions should be abolished in favor of an agreed-upon world religion that’s based on fables, fairytales, and even the diabolical? How do you reckon with those who claim national boundaries should be obliterated and ethnic identities denied in order to eliminate world poverty (as if that would really happen)? What that mankind would understand that his machinations are for naught and all is not so well in his rebellious little corners of the world.
Of prime importance to the UN is population control . . . no matter how it’s accomplished. Infanticide, genocide, torture, rape, to name a few UN methods, have had fatal short- and long-term consequences on various people groups around the world. Just ask the Christians in Sudan and now in Nigeria. The UN’s goal is a world population of 500 million on a planet that God prepared for at least 35 billion.

The Founders knew not to “entangle” the United States in what George Washington called “permanent alliances with the foreign world.” He knew we had to remain in a “defensive posture” and only temporary alliances could be trusted. Thomas Jefferson stated in his First Inaugural Address, “Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

An article by Joseph Farah titled “Supreme Court internationalistss”
http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=33989 documents the increasing level to which liberal judges have ignored the Constitution as “the supreme law of the land.” No law from any other nation should be relevant, but to create their global society, they’ve been doing it for decades and with exponentially greater speed today. [NWV]

Not a pretty picture! But you can’t say I didn’t try to warn anybody. It appears as if the secret combinations are preparing to consummate their plans.

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Utah’s Unofficial Government

A racketeering influenced corrupt organization...

This letter with the Great Seal of the State of Utah says Jon M. Huntsman Jr. is Governor and Gary Herbert is Lieutenant Governor for the State of Utah. The body of the letter says they’re not. Follow this link or copy and paste the link below to view this document.


Dollar catching Asian flu

A separate survey by European-based Central Banking Publications found that 29 of 65 nations surveyed were cutting back on the dollar and 39 were buying more euros. America's annual budget deficit of US$500 billion is largely funded by Asian purchases of US government bonds, mostly from China and Japan. [Asia Times]

Unmined gold reserves rapidly declining. Future price of gold must rise.

Even if a big discovery is made, Bullis said it can take anything between three and 10 years to permit a mine in Canada and the United States, prospective areas where the major miners are looking for gold.

The coming silver accident

At the core of what makes the coming silver accident unavoidable is the immutable law of supply and demand. Supply and demand ultimately governs how all markets function. While some markets, including silver, can be artificially controlled or manipulated in price for long periods of time, eventually such manipulations must end if they are at odds with supply and demand. [Ted Butler’s Archives]

Money Versus Paper

Support continues to build for the proposal by Hugo Salinas to introduce a silver coin into circulation in Mexico.

“I can tell you one thing for sure, I don’t always stop to pick up a peso if I drop it. But I certainly wouldn’t leave a silver ounce lying in the street.”

The Foundation of Natural Law

Of all in existence used to create planet earth, there are three elements the creator incorporated in its foundation to ensure the divinity of man. They are gold, silver, and lead. The first two are essential for a strong foundation; the third to reinforce it.

When the latter becomes more predominant than the former, it is a reliable barometer indicating somebody is removing the former to the detriment of the foundation, and its time to get the lead out.

--Ron Robinson

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


The period to qualify for office for the November 2004 elections ended March 4, 2005 for the term beginning January 3, 2005

Despite our efforts to advise Jon Huntsman Jr. of his obligation under the law, and our invitation to help restore constitutional government, Mr. Huntsman has failed to qualify for the office of Governor of the State of Utah by filing his oath of office as prescribed by law, and is now acting as Governor of the State of Utah in violation of the law.

In compliance with Article 6 of the Constitution, the very first act passed by Congress and signed by President Washington on June 1, 1789, was the actual oath to support the Constitution that was to be administered to various government officers.
-President Ezra Taft Benson, October 3. 1987 A.D.


Applicable statutes are controlling and may declare vacancy to exist if the person chosen for the office fails to accept or qualify as required by law. Parker v. Overman, 59 U.S. 137, 15 L.Ed 316.

76-8-203. Unofficial misconduct.

(1) A person is guilty of unofficial misconduct if he exercises or attempts to exercise any of the functions of a public office when:
(a) he has not taken and filed the required oath of office;

52-2-1. Time in which to qualify -- Failure -- Office declared vacant.

Whenever any person duly elected or appointed to any office of the state or any of its political subdivisions, fails to qualify for such office within sixty days after the date of beginning of the term of office for which he was elected or appointed, such office shall thereupon become vacant and shall be filled as provided by law.

Utah Code Annotated, 1953, Section 52-1-2
[Renumbered but unchanged from 65-0-2]

Whenever state officers, officials or state institutions, or other persons are required to give official bonds to the state, such bonds, unless otherwise provided, shall be approved by the state board of examiners, and recorded by the secretary of state in a book kept for that purpose. When so recorded the secretary of state shall deliver the originals to the state treasurer, excepting the bond of the state treasurer, and the treasurer shall become the legal custodian thereof, but the bond of the state treasurer shall remain in the custody of the secretary of state. The oaths of office of all state officials shall be filed with the secretary of state. (C.L. 17 Sec. 4306.)

On March 8, 2005, I personally examined the oaths of office on file with the division of archives. Here is a summary of what I witnessed:

There was NO oath of office available at the division of archives for Jon M. Huntsman Jr.

There were NO oaths of office on file at the division of archives for ANY members of the Utah House of Representatives.

For 29 seats in the Utah Senate, there were 16 oaths of office on file. Of those oaths for Senators examined, the signature of Fred D. Howard appears on the line intended for the signature of the Senator. On the line intended for his countersignature, the name Fred D. Howard was typewritten. The Senator’s signatures were placed above the signature of Fred D. Howard, and in several documents the ink was on top of, and subsequent to, the signature of Fred D. Howard, whose purpose was to verify the signature of the Senator, suggesting a possibility the signatures of the Senators were falsely witnessed.

For the year 2001, the oaths of office for former Governor Michael O. Leavitt, and former Lieutenant Governor Olene S. Walker were examined.

Olene Smith Walker and Michael Okerlund Leavitt took their oath of office on December 21, 2000, prior to the beginning of the term of office on January 1, 2001. It was subscribed by Richard C. Howe, Chief Justice, Utah Supreme Court, and on file at the division of archives. At the bottom of each oath on file, was the following small print:

Note: This oath of office pertains to the new term beginning the first Monday of January 2001, which is January 1, 2001. Governor Leavitt (or Lieutenant Governor Walker) intends to take the oath of office again in a formal inauguration ceremony on Thursday, January 4, 2001.


Oaths of office for 2003

In examining the oaths for the House of Representatives filed in 2003, the majority were countersigned by Norman H. Bangerter, using the title “Former Speaker of the House;” an unofficial position not authorized to administer the oath of office. There were several exceptions, those being oaths that were signed by the Senators, but not countersigned by anyone.

I also noticed that the oats of office do not have a filing date with the division of archives, not marking the date they were received, so it cannot be determined if the oaths were received within the time limit. They haven’t done this since 1974.

There were other discrepancies I will not address in this writing.

Evidence in Court

These things were documented by photocopy as evidence in West Valley City Case No. C 04 06941 and left in the custody of the division of archives pursuant to Article I Section 12, of the Utah Constitution:

Sec. 12. [Rights of accused persons.] In no instance shall any accused person, before final judgment, be compelled to advance money or fees to secure the rights herein guaranteed.

Thomas B. Ginter is being assisted by Lawrence Rey Topham in the above mentioned court case, which is being appealed in the Utah Supreme Court. Ginter has vowed to take his case with multiple constitutional issues all the way to the U.S. Supreme court if necessary.

If we are to restore constitutional government and secure the blessings of liberty, we must force the elected representatives of the people to adhere strictly to their solemn and binding oath of office and the limitations of government imposed by the Constitution.

Individuals who would like to participate in securing the blessings of liberty are invited to join in the discussion at http://groups.msn.com/SecuringtheBlessingsofLiberty

Ron Robinson

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He who dies with the most toys wins!

The nations of the world are competing to devalue or inflate their paper currencies. They purposefully reduce the value of their fraudulent paper money in order to gain an export advantage when considering trade with other nations. If taken to the extreme and most logical conclusion, it is a race to return to a gold standard, and the nation, or state, that gets there first, wins. If you devalue the excess paper money that has been created to excess, you have basically returned to a gold standard. Thus, those nations and states who use gold as money first, will ultimately be able to attract and earn the most real wealth, gold and silver, while others are pursuing the false dreams of fraudulent paper currencies as wealth. [gold-eagle]

Fine Print: He who dies with the most toys is still dead.


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Friday, March 04, 2005

Addiction to Paper Money – America in Denial

Greenback account is not worth the weight in dollars
Youssef M. Ibrahim
Special to Gulf News
Published March 2, 2005

-- If you are parking life savings or investments in US dollars it is time to worry, says American billionaire George Soros, granddaddy of currency trading.

Right now, America imports almost 50 percent more than what it exports.

Robert Hormats, the vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs International, told The New York Times last week that the United States last year alone pulled in 80 percent of total world savings. That means the ones in trouble are those who lent the money, not those who borrowed it.

It is now estimated that America has to bring in some $60 billion per month just to repay interests on the bonds and deposits foreigners have lent it.

We have seen it before - the Kuwaiti Al Manakh souk, the depressions of 1929 and 1980s in America and the collapse of dot.com, to mention some.

To keep paying for the interest on the pool of treasury bills, notes and bonds it holds, the United States must continue to attract even more money from overseas...

This is like a drug addict who has to take bigger and bigger doses to just feel stoned. And we all know how drug addicts end up.

One question raised by South Korea, Japan, Europe and, indeed, the Arabs is how long they would be willing to finance this drug binge and why should they.

Even if they are collecting interest on their money the total value of it is less - so one cancels the other. The big heat attack comes when these countries say enough is enough.

That means no more money coming into America, and no ability by America therefore to repay existing commitments, therefore a further drop, maybe even a collapse, of the dollar altogether.
[Middle East Times]

A blast from the past...

Asia fills her boots: dollar reserves skyrocket
By John Berthelsen
Jul 15, 2003

"But the longer American excesses are financed, the more inevitable will be the ultimate collapse of the US paper-dollar standard that has been in place ever since Richard Nixon broke with Bretton Woods by ending the dollar's link with gold in 1971. The result will be a massive devaluation against gold of Asia's hoard of dollar-exchange reserves." [Asia Times]

The U.S. Trade Advantage with China

Jason HommelGoldisMoney.comDecember 17, 2003

There are misconceptions about our trade relations with China. Misguided U.S. patriots complain about the cheap Chinese labor taking away domestic jobs and U.S. politicians blame the cheap Chinese currency, and complain about the unfair trade advantage that China has.
Those are one-sided views. Here's the truth: We have the trade advantage with China. We send a little paper dollars that they cannot use, and we get a lot of great stuff that we buy and use continually. We give paper money that is an unjust weight and measure, an abomination. We are cheating them; they are not cheating us.

Just like when any conquering nation benefits from slave labor, the local peasants who are unhappy and unemployed feel that they are priced out of work, and so they complain and beg for government handouts. It was not much different back in the ancient Roman Empire.

Of course, the above is from the dust, so how about this one...

SILVER STOCK REPORT #54 -- by Jason Hommel

Even as recent as 100 years ago, a silver dime was a day's wage. A silver dime today costs about 50 cents, at $7.20/oz. for silver. If the world returns to using silver as money, that silver dime might be worth about $150 or more--which is what a day's wage is in U.S. dollars today. Thus, a $5000 investment in silver bullion today may be worth about $1.5 million, or more, in the future. [goldnewsweekly]

And from an email from Jason on Saturday, March 5, 2005...

Currently, silver is 300 times cheaper than historic norms lasting for 1000's of years, when the silver in a dime was worth about a day's wage. The reason that silver is cheap today is that no nation on earth is using silver as money. Monetary demand started to end in the late 1800's, and finally ended in the late 1960's. In the last 60 years, the trend has been to consume, in industry & electronics, nearly all the silver ever mined since the beginning of time. Thus, we currently consume 900 million oz. of silver per year, but only mine about 600 million ounces, continuing to consume what little silver is left.

...Today, silver bullion itself is up from $4.15/oz. in the spring of 2003 to about $7.30/oz. We hit a peak at $8.40/oz. in April 2004, and the trend is still up, and up in a parabolic way, with the rate of increase accelerating, suggesting a price of about $15-25 in the next year, on the way back up to historic norms of about $2000/oz., which I believe we will exceed due to the shortage, and the renewed awareness that silver is quite useful as money, because it is not fraudulent like broken paper promises.

Whatdya think.


Still wanna defend your paper money?


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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Taxes, Testimonies, and Revelations

Re: Taxes, Money, and Secret Combinations...

Sent by e-mail from Larken Rose...

"Mr. Montag, you are looking at a coward. I saw the way things were going, a long time back. I said nothing. I'm one of the innocents who could have spoken up and out when no one would listen to the 'guilty,' but I did not speak and thus became guilty myself. And when finally they set the structure to burn the books, using the firemen, I grunted a few times and subsided, for there were no others grunting or yelling with me, by then. Now it's too late."
-- from Ray Brabury's "Fahrenheit 451

It reminded me of this passage:

"But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of them, that man will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood." - Eze 33:6

And by e-mail from Joe Thornton:

“I urge everyone to view, and forward, this video.” Patrick has posted his own comments on this victory here.

I have a question for the tax movement. If there aren’t any Dollars, how can anybody be paying ANY taxes? Today our "paper dollar" or Federal Reserve Note, is an "IOU Nothing." What part of no thing is it that We the People are having such a time understanding?

A Letter to Church Officials

As a high priest am I not a watchman upon the tower unto the house of Israel, to see that there is no evil in the Church?

"Son of Man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me." (Ezekiel 3:17)
[Letter to LDS Church Officials]

The Right to Travel

At issue:

West Valley City Case No. C 04 06941

This case is being appealed to the Utah Supreme Court.

What time is it?

David Goodyear asked, “Is it Clair Wolfe Time Yet?”

I got about 5 till, except I'm not advocating a shooting war, and the only ammunition that the Commander of the Utah Militia has issued is the BOM. The Constitution is hanging by a single thread, and we're still trying to solve the problem; No Dollars, NO CONSTITUTION.

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

P.S. My letter to Jon Huntsman Jr. has been deposited with the Utah Supreme Court in conjunction with WVC case No. C 04 06941 (above) If they wont hear the case, it will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

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