Monday, October 13, 2003

Ever notice how you never realize how many models of a particular vehicle are on the road until you buy one of those models? I bought into a Fix Or Repair Daily FTF (Failure To File) last year, and it is amazing how many of them I see on the road!

For example, In the United States of America v. Richard M. Simkanin , MOTION TO QUASH, an FTF cruised across my desktop.

“The Secretary of the Treasury is the only officer of the federal government authorized by Congress to administer the internal revenue laws and to collect a tax…the Secretary of the Treasury is required to file an Oath of Office and an Appointment Affidavit before he has any authority or power under his office. Defendant has obtained documents that show the Court that from January of 1993 until July 1999 the Office of Secretary of Treasury was VACANT because neither Lloyd Bentsen nor Robert Rubin filed an Oath of Office or an Appointment Affidavit” “…and, notwithstanding that the claims are NOT false, because the 18 USC Section 287 charges pertain to funds paid to the IRS during years when there was no Officer in Office to collect taxes or administer the internal revenue laws, the charges are groundless and wholly without foundation.”

I wonder, in this case, if there is a penalty for acting unofficially. Are the charges actually null and void under the Constitution? Is there a Statute of Limitation here? And, how do I get these skid marks off my CRT?

Ron Robinson
American Free Enterprise
WTP Utah Congress- Salt Lake

In God I Trust (All others pay in Silver and Gold)

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