Sunday, October 19, 2003

It’s dangerous to be right when your government is wrong. Just ask Lawrence Rey Topham. Topham has advocated abolishing paper money for the gold and silver standard. Throughout the years, he has declared various officeholders illegitimate, claiming they didn't properly file their oath of office certificates, as reported in this Deseret News Article.

Not only is it dangerous to oppose the conspirators by espousing the principles of the Founding Fathers and that PESKY Constitution, it seems it is equally dangerous to espouse your Christian Faith. Not only do you get thrown in jail, you get BEAT UP! In an email to Presidential Candidate Ben Thompson, Topham describes the ordeal:

I was technically arrested on an unofficial outstanding warrant for an incident at the State Capitol Building on January 4th and 5th of 1998 A.D., when as Secretary of State of the State of Utah, I seized the Capitol Building from those who were unofficially exercising the functions of public office without first filing the Oath of Office with the Secretary of State, me. I was held for three and a half days and then released without any instructions to attend court. Two years and ten months later, on October 6, 2000 A.D., during another election period I was again arrested on the same charges, held prisoner for 32 days and again released with no instructions to attend court. A November 20, 2000 A.D., hearing date had been scheduled and a "court appointed public defended" who had represented me without my knowledge or consent, did not notify me of the court date. So nearly three years later I was rearrested on the same charges and this time was held prisoner by an unofficial Republican sheriff, Aaron D. Kennard. I was injured by one of his unofficial guard in the Jail on October 9, 2003 A.D., at 2:45 P.M., while I was shackled prior to my being transported to a hospital for an undisclosed reason. Mr. Kepler, who had shackled me, both hands and feet and a waiste chain, became angry with me and picked me up and slammed me against a cement or steel wall, after I warned him and two other guards that I was a public official and it was against the law to threaten a public official, and that they could only do to me what the Lord would allow them to do. It, apparently, was this last statement that so enraged Mr. Kepler that he completely lost control of his emotions and took his anger out on me. Then he cancelled my hospital visit, returned me to the cell I had been taken from and ordered my lockdown for the next five days. Ron Robinson visited me on Sunday, October 12, Columbus Day, saw my injuries, which turned out to be fractured bones around my right eye and cheek and ribs in the left chest area, and resorted to bailing me out "with silver" because I did not want anyone to use irredeemable paper notes or false coins or fictitious bank credit to bail me out. I told them, I would rather die than have them use paper money to bail me out.

Oh just look at what you can buy with paper money. The Souls of men!

Pride results in secret combinations which are built up to get power, gain, and glory of the world. This fruit of the sin of pride, namely secret combinations, brought down ancient civilizations and has been and will yet be the cause of the fall of many nations.

The Constitution is hanging by a thread. If those who we have placed in authority do not obey that law, they should be displaced immediately, and replaced with men who will. It is our moral responsibility and our duty to do this. If they are allowed to continue to do the bidding of the conspirators, we will surely be destroyed.

Trial is still scheduled for October 27, 2003

Ron Robinson
American Free Enterprise

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