Saturday, October 11, 2003

My name is Ron Robinson. I have no credentials, but I believe it beats a case of Ivy League Indoctrination Deficit Disorder. Somehow by the grace of God I escaped, in spite of being educated in the public school system. Like so may people I have talked to, I have always known that something is terribly wrong, but unable to put my finger on it.

It was about four years ago that I began to uncover what is happening in reality. The last two years have been particularly profound. But I am nobody’s external authority, so if you lack discipline, the ability to think for yourself, or the motivation to control your destiny, then you probably won’t find anything of value here. Go back to your comfortable armchair, turn on the television, and watch as the system crumbles to pieces. Renew you subscription to Conventional Wisdom, and don’t waste you time.

It has been said that the more you know, the more you are accountable for. Because of the knowledge I have gained in the last year, I find it difficult to sit on my thumbs and do nothing. On many occasions I find myself wanting to go back to my blissful ignorance, and forget about the animating conquest from freedom. But I can’t do that now. It’s one thing for a man to simply not know a truth. What kind of man however, on learning the truth, would choose to take an opposite path? I can see the deception. I can see the injustice. I can see the inversions of reality. And I can see that if I sit on my thumbs, they will soon be coming to rob me of what little is left of my free agency.

This blog is about taxes, money, and secret combinations. These are the three elements that have had the most profound impact on history, and will determine the future of humanity. How society deals with these issues will determine whether we continue down the road to tyranny and slavery or reclaim our rights to free agency, self responsibility, and the freedom given by nature’s creator, and guaranteed by a constitutional republic.

My hope is that a national renaissance is no less possible than it is desirable, necessary, and even urgent if America is to survive as the Founders intended and common Americans desire.

It's time to expose the truth, and reveal what lies beyond the myths. It is my hope that, in some small way, I will be able to contribute to that effort. Education is the key, and time is of the essence.

Kind Regards
Ron Robinson
American Free Enterprise

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