Sunday, October 12, 2003

Some time ago Doug Kenline posted this article
about Oath of Office in New York City. Then I found this article from the Free Enterprise Society in California. It seems NOBODY is officially in office in California.

This was especially exciting to me as I believe that it is of vital importance that We The People realize that we do not need the present government that has DESIGNED to reduce Americans under absolute Despotism, and that is must now be DISPLACED, and new Guards be instilled for the future security of America, and for the survival of the human family. The six million dollar question is, how do we accomplish such a lofty goal?

There are many individuals that have a great deal of knowledge of the HOAX. Some of the best are Bob Schultz, Larry Beecraft,
Bill Benson, Edwin Vieira Jr,
Larken Rose, G. Edward Griffin, Tom Schauf, to mention but a few. There are even a few good political parties, such as the Independent American Party. But the problem is, everyone seems to have their own agenda, and they are all pulling in different directions instead of focusing on the issue that could DISPLACE the whole criminal system!

What is MISSING in all these efforts is UNION! The best historical example we see of voluntary union among diverse individuals occurred in America between 1620 and 1789. Americans knew and appreciated the principle of self-government with union.

Larry Becraft writes; “I could write a book about what we need to do but lack the time. However, I will observe that what is greatly needed in this movement is a counterpart to the ACLU, a patriot ACLU of whatever name. With this mechanism, when somebody with a good issue needs defending, a team can be sent in with the objective of winning. Imagine what we could do if we turned Dr. Edwin Vieira, the foremost authority on the money issue, loose to take on this extremely important issue. Imagine what we could accomplish if we built the correct cases which get tried by the best on our side.

If we are to win, the above suggestion is perhaps the only method we have left.”

Well, I think that WTP has the greatest potential, but there is a FATAL flaw. The foundation, which petitioned a CRIMINAL Federal Government, and now petitions its complicit CRIMINAL Judicial system, MISSED the SOLUTION that was sitting right in from of their nose on the Freedom Drive 2002! The highest, legally elected official in the United States was on the Mall in Washington D.C. and prepared to redress the grievances, AND WAS DENIED! The problem is, like so many other organizations, Bob Schultz is pursuing his own agenda, but like the rest of the CAREER POLITICIANS, he is not listening to WE THE PEOPLE!

The trial of the century begins on October 27, 2003. The constitution will not be saved in Washing D.C. It will be saved in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ron Robinson
American Free Enterprise

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