Friday, November 21, 2003

An Apocryphal Warning From An
Earthbound Authority

To: All external authority
Fr: An Earthbound authority
Re: The last days

So You Think You Can Win? Ha!

Do you really think you were going to enslave us and take over the world and live forever? Do you truly believe you have a firm enough grasp to maintain your millennial long stranglehold over our lives? Well, I’ve got bad news for you!

We the people hold the ultimate authority, control the property, the future, and our lives, and you will never succeed with your secret combinations. Do you hear me?

Let me explain. You are the parasites. We are the producers. We survive by being productive. You survive by being parasitical. You may think you hold the ace-card with your force backed fraud, but your thousand year dominion must come to an end. What makes you think we will let you continue for a thousand more?

We understood our true nature, so simple a child could understand. But through your lies, deceptions, and inversions of reality, you usurped our power by the time we reached our fifth birthday. You are little more than professional parasites that conjure up an endless array of illusions to cover up your constant usurpation of money, power and values from productive people like us. You think you have been doing this for so long that your methods have gelled into an invincible formula. Well, think again. You can’t hide behind the usurpation of our educational system any longer. You attempts to subvert reality have failed. Did you think you could hide history from us indefinitely? Now we see what really happened, and history is on our side. We have the proof, it is spreading like a virus, and you are powerless to stop it.

You Can Never Win

So you think we cannot possibly prevail eh? Think again. History is against you, and your weapons, prisons, property, and your false money will destroy you. Even your agents of force are turning against you, and your only defense is a star chamber. Is that the best you can do? How pathetic! You can no longer depend on your agents of force. Your hoax has been exposed.

Your plan to demoralize us by exposing the reality of what you have done cannot possibly succeed. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time, and you have seriously underestimated our success oriented will to survive. Your house of cards will collapsed. You knew it would never stand, but you just couldn’t resist playing your psychopathic little games could you.

You, the parasites, think we will never overcome you. You think the work of Thomas Jefferson and his partner George Washington was troublesome, and didn’t bear any fruit. You think your people from Alexander Hamilton to Abraham Lincoln to Woodrow Wilson undermined the value of their work don’t you? Well, soon enough (although it should have been sooner) we will remove your shackles of taxation, regulations, and inflation. The blood of those who went before cries out from the dust. You will never be able to silence those people. Never in a million years. History is on our side, not yours.

So you think you overcame the biggest threat to your survival; the US Constitution? Well, think again. You cannot fight the people of the United States and the creator at the same time and expect to win. You will no longer violate our rights with impunity. No longer will you be able to take anything from anyone, throw anyone in jail for anything you consider a crime, or send young men anyplace you want to advance your power-usurping agenda.

We Are The Innocent Producer Of Value

There is only about 5,000 in your little cabal, and 6,331,342,691 of us. If you think you will win, you are seriously delusional. You made up your own laws, and enforced them at the end of a barrel, and there are so many of your bogus subjective laws on the books we can’t even take a breath of fresh air without violating one of them. Not only do your laws contradict each other, they are a contradiction of reality. But you can never escape the immutable laws of nature.

We are not subject to prosecution under your subjective laws founded upon inversions of reality that make evil appear as good, and good appear as evil. In reality, you have violated every natural law that ever existed. You are guilty, and you can no longer hide your criminal activity. Your politically inspired laws and the politicians that do your bidding will now be brought to justice. The innocent will never again be prosecuted by the guilty. Rather, the innocent will now take responsibility prosecute the guilty.

You have had your fun you parasitical little thugs, but the game is over. No longer do you get to drain us of our productive efforts, because we know the monopoly money you have forced on us isn’t worth the paper it was printed on. Now WE are going to close YOUR business. You cannot escape the tidal wave that will sweep the foundation out from under your house of cards.

We are the innocent producers of values, and you have usurped our wealth by creating so many subjective laws that there is no semblance of justice. In doing so, you have violated every law of nature in your pathetic quest for power, gain, and glory. We are the innocent producers of value. You are the parasitical elite ruling class, and your rule has come to an end.

Once again, your agents of force are turning against you, and those who do not, will be destroyed along with the rest of you sorry psychopathic parasitical little punks! Your weapons of mass destruction are now aimed at you. Do you feel lucky?

We Now Laugh At Your Threats

Your intellectual foundation of power is nothing but an illusion. Your parasitical control of the media, educational institutions, government, and legal system will come to an end. We no longer accept your brand of education, and you are sadly mistaken if you think we cannot think widely enough to understand what you are doing.

Hence, we laugh at your legacy. Your work can no longer be a part of our world. You will soon find out how impotent you really are you greedy parasitical little thugs! Even after 2,500 years, you have never learned what is required to live happily. Your only means of survival is by usurping the values of others, so without us you cannot survive.

It took millions of years to get here, and in relative terms, it could all be wiped out in the blink of an eye, as if it never happened. Hence, there can be no place for you in our future, for if we continue down your path of destruction, there will be no future. Therefore, in our defense, the only moral choice we can make is to facilitate your destruction, by refusing to use your instruments of destruction.

Hence, you loose.

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