Monday, December 01, 2003

A little ditty on vaccinations.

On October 30, 2003, I watched the presentation of Direct Order at the library. “Direct Order tells the story of members of the military who were ordered against their will to receive the controversial anthrax vaccine. Years later, after all the disturbing facts about the vaccine have surfaced; the US military still intends to vaccinate all our troops.”

After watching the movie and listening to the panel assembled, I couldn’t help but wonder why no one said anything about the supplier of the vaccine, or questioned if there was a financial motive. (I learned that if you want to get to the root, always follow the money; that’s what the conspirators do.) I held my question during the public Q&A, I suppose so as not to appear as a conspiracy theorist, and besides, I didn’t think I would be heard above the bleating. So at the close of the presentation I went to the stage to get it right from the horse’s mouth. The answer, although not surprising, was disturbing.

The producer told me that the principles of the company were not really a secret, but that he chose not to include it in the movie because he wanted to live to see another day.

I suppose self preservation is a reasonable goal. I too would like to exist in the future. Except in my reality, if I sit on my thumbs there won’t be much of a future worth living for, if any at all after Dubya Dubya III. Somehow I don’t think dropping nuclear bombs on Iran, Syria, and North Korea to bolster support and get re-elected is a viable political goal. Have you seen what depleted uranium munitions do to children?

So anyway, back to the money trail. The manufacturer of the vaccine is a company by the name of BioPort. It is owned by non other than the one of the biggest defense contractors, the Carlisle group. You can view the principles here. (Hint...Before joining Booz Allen Hamilton, he was a manager of Citicorp in New York (Mergers and Acquisitions) and in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Operations and Credit).

But that’s alright, if the troops are to sick to go to war because of the vaccines, they can just start up the draft again, right?

What a wonderful time to be parasitical elite! How wonderfully it will work. They can have all the wars they want to have, expand the borders of our county and let all the people in the world in, and take over their countries and show them how marvelously well they can run their countries. They can reduce the population by eighty percent and live happily ever after on their little mount Olympus, and watch the slaves fight Dubya Dubya IV with stick and stones. Now that’s entertainment!

Excuse me for a moment. I thought I’d go out and find out what’s up with all those black Suburban’s out front.

Ron Robinson
Declaration of Independence

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