Thursday, December 11, 2003

On Alan Greenspan and Ayn Rand

Doug Kenline acted a little surprised to hear that Alan Greenspan was a fan on Ayn Rand. One might hit a little cognitive dissonance there for sure!

Alan Greenspan, Bill Clinton, and Robert Rubin embraced the 18th-century model of fraud harnessed by France’s money-flooding central banker -- John Law. Law emigrated from Scotland to France. A gambler, speculator, and financier, he became the world’s foremost banker. An advocate of paper-money manipulation, he rose to become France’s central banker by creating false prosperity via a bubble stock market and a flood of paper-money liquidity, and was the composer of the great Mississippi-stock-bubble fraud where insiders and speculators became obscenely rich, booming France into a new-era fraudulent bubble economy. The masses clamored into a hyped “can’t-loose” stock speculation with dreams of becoming rich without effort and then an early retirement in luxury. Then came the crash, the bubble burst and the investors were wiped out. Inflation, unemployment, and poverty soared. Interest rates skyrocketed, and paper money become worthless. In 1720 he said, “Last year I was the riches individual who ever lived, today I have nothing, not even enough to keep alive.” France never fully recovered.

Economic-terrorists Al, Bill, and Bob fraudulently set up a 10-year time-bomb version of John Law’s 18th-century bubble. Today, their bubble has begun to burst, heralding a deflationary crash -- and eventually, an even-more devastating inflation. The dollars is loosing value.

Now politicians, bureaucrats, and insiders who eagerly profited, (the first ones at the trough) blame “greedy” businessmen and “corrupt” laissez-fair freedom, and continue to usurp even more power by crippling businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals with government controls, property usurpations, and illicit prosecutions by bogus tort action attorneys. On top of all this, we are engaged in an unconstitutional war in Iraq to prevent that country from using the Euro for its oil money, and Iran is now on notice; all this to protect paper money, and guarantee continued profits for the parasitical elite, and their designer wars. Is it any wonder that our troops are committing suicide in Iraq? It’s like Vietnam all over again! History repeats itself in regular cycles, only these days it seems to repeat itself at an accelerated pace.

Think about it for a moment. If it weren’t for a fraudulent Federal Reserve System that gets to create money out of thin air, and charge usury interest on that money they created out of nothing, there could not be any wars! Politicians shouldn’t be allowed a blank check, yet we continue to allow this fraud, and the perpetual wars they spawn by creating problems that don't exist, and use their power to ensure everything goes their way. The founders warned us about all this, and that’s why they wrote Article I sections 8 and 10. But then, they don’t even teach the constitution in the public schools anymore, but hey, we wouldn’t want the teachers to refer to the “founding fathers” now would we? That would be sexist!

See what paper money can buy? Your child’s education, the way the insiders want it taught.

Yes, Doug Kenline, Al was a champion of Ayn Rand, and it is difficult to understand how the same individual who wrote Gold and Economic Freedom would voluntarily put us out here in these uncharted waters. But what would you do as long as the congress critters allow paper money to be legal tender, and the illuminati were breathing down your neck? Quite frankly, I'm tired of petitioning the scoundrels of our unofficial gubmint for redress of grievance, and I think they need to be put out on the street if they don’t repent. Maybe they would learn how to produce some real values if they were faced with starvation.

Personally, if I had a Trans Am, I’d convert it into gold and silver. When the excrement hits the air propulsion unit, an ounce of silver would probably buy me a weeks worth of food; That way I could have my cake, and I could eat it too. But a TA isn’t all that tasty, and a little hard to swallow; if you get my drift.

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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