Thursday, December 04, 2003


From Larken Rose…

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Ya gotta love this one. As many of you will recall, Patrick Meehan is the U.S. Attorney whose office approved the armed invasion of my home, in which the IRS stole a couple hundred copies of "Theft By Deception" (all set for distribution), and confiscated all my financial records, and all my computer stuff, REGARDLESS of the content, in a ridiculously overly-broad search. (I understand that Mr. Meehan is the head U.S. Attorney for the eastern district of Pennsylvania.)

Then someone points out an article to me today (from the Philadelphia Inquirer), about the North Carolina copy of the Bill of Rights being found, after being missing for 138 YEARS. So what's the connection?

The article quoted Jeffrey A. Lampinski, head of the FBI's Philadelphia Division, as saying the thing is priceless. Then the article said this:

"Lampinski was not alone in his gushing. Federal agents and prosecutors jammed the FBI's conference room, and Rendell, U.S. ATTORNEY PATRICK L. MEEHAN, and Joseph M. Torsella, president of the constitution center, looked on in awe."

Hey Mr. Meehan, while you're in awe, how about if you take a few seconds to ACTUALLY READ the First and Fourth Amendments, the ones you've been shredding recently. (Perhaps Mr. Meehan would be more in awe if an old copy of Mein Kampf surfaced.)


Larken Rose

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