Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Fork in The Road: Fascism Or Freedom?

In this interview, David Icke talks about his new book Alice In Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster, and also gives some great information about the change in psychology necessary to defeat the conspirators. This is a long interview, but worth the read.

Here's a few excerpts.....

We're facing a point now that we have a few years-less than five, well less than five-in which to go down the road to freedom by dismantling, by exposure, this global fascist state in the unfolding. Or, we can go the other way and just sit there and acquiesce, and live in a global version of Nazi Germany.
This is a real big time of decision for humanity to make, and they can only make that decision in a balanced way if they have access to all the information, which they don't have at this time.

We've been talking about micro-chipped people, and that agenda, for a long, long time. And now, both in Britain and America, the trials are there, very high profile trials, and families, being microchipped.

We have a window of time, now, in which to bring this to an end. And then the door will close. And the door will close when we have microchipped people.

Inversions of reality...

And, of course, it's not about Homeland Security; it's about Homeland CONTROL! Again, with the symbolism, when you see the word "security", just replace it with "control", and you'll see exactly what the game is.

As people who have investigated this know, the Homeland Security network is connected into FEMA, which is a drug-money-created Illuminati wholly-owned subsidiary, and many of these other organizations all fit into this network, designed to have the military control of America.

Changing Psychology...

And so, when you move your consciousness, the point from which you are observing the world, from WITHIN the world to OUTSIDE it, and you start to look into it, then you are IN the world, physically, through your body, but you're not OF it. And therefore, you see it in a totally different way than does someone who's in it AND of it.

The land, or the place, that the fork in the road will be decided, will not be a physical location; it will be in the minds of all of us. What we need to do is not stockpile weapons, and stockpile food, and get into survival mode; we need to take back control of our minds! That's what we need to do.

You can either look for a solution to something, or you can do the sensible thing, which is that you remove the cause of the problem you want to solve.

The reason that we are in this state, and facing the global fascist state, is that vast billions of people on this planet have given their minds away. They've given their right to think away to external sources, "authorities" in their various forms. What we need to do is to take that power back, and start thinking for ourselves.

This stuff is what inquiring minds need to know. There is another world that is 180 degrees parallel to the one most are living in, and it is only ten seconds away. But you need to learn how to flip your psychology, and stand outside the anticivilization bubble looking in. It can be accessed with a ten second miracle, but that's something I am saving for another day.

Take the red pill here, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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