Monday, January 12, 2004

Judicial Reform - Petition

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Congress returns from the Christmas recess next week and will hold meetings to establish the calendar for the next session. The most important group meeting for JUDICIAL REFORM in American history will occur soon after congress returns. This group called the JUDICIAL ABUSE TASK FORCE was organized by Congressmen Lamar Smith of Texas and Steve Chabot of Ohio and was announced on July 23, 2003. It is important for the office of the judicial abuse task force members hear from citizens that want judicial reform. I will also be sending the signed petitions to the office of Lamar Smith.

The members of the task force are:

Lamar Smith (202) 225 4236
Steve Chabot 225 2216
Todd Akin 225 2561
Marsha Blackburn 225 2811
John Carter 225 3864
John Culberson 225 2571
Mario Diaz-Balart 225 2778
Tom DeLay 225 5951
Tom Feeney 225 2706
Walter Jones 225 3415
Steve King 225 4426
Marilyn Musgrave 225 4676
Joe Wilson 225 2452

When you call, ask the receptionist for the aide to the JUDICIAL ABUSE TASK FORCE. Chances are the aide will not be available but messages can be left on a voice mail. Please indicate that the issue of JUDICIAL ABUSE is of great concern and that you are happy the task force has indicated a willingness to address the issue as it needs to be addressed before more citizens are harmed by judicial abuse and you are looking forward to reading and hearing about the work of the TASK FORCE.

This is truly a great chance for us to make America better, please take a few minutes and call the Congressmen/women to make you voice as a citizen/voter heard. Please e mail me at stopbadjustice@aol.com after you call and let me know an overview of the conversation

The radio network that broadcasts the STOP BAD JUSTICE RADIO SHOW Mon.-Thur. at 6 p.m.EST has rcently added a show on CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. This show along with others on JUDICIAL REFORM that are also on CRUSADE RADIO provide great information about what we, as citizens expect and must demand --by voting for responsable representatives-from our government. Please check the crusaderadio schedule for the shows.

Last week the STOP BAD JUSTICE RADIO SHOW was fortunate to have Robert Marlett on as guest 3 times. Mr. Marlett shared his recent successful litigation experience in Federal Court that established standards of search procedurees before property can be invaded by code enforcement officers. Mr. Marlett will be back on the show next Thursday to take calls. The call in phone number will be (559) 734 9465. He also has a web site that has information about his litigation

please ask others to sign the petition and make calls to the above named congressmen/women. Make a little effort to make a BIG DIFFERENCE

joe norman

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