Friday, January 02, 2004

Judicial/unconstitutional misconduct in Minnesota!

Jim Paulson uncovers misconduct (likely unofficial) in Minnesota, and posted this link that reveals their dirty work. Boy, could we ever use some weathy patriots! The defendant in the case, Robert Beale, has got the big bucks. On the webpage titled Divine Providence, we find the following:

"Somebody has to standup to the government and say you're violating the constitution. Somebody has to do that. I have the resources to do it. This is my mission, it's my calling, it's what God wants me to do."

All evil is promoted for MONEY, but here’s a guy willing to put his money and his reputations on the line to turn the tables. It’s a great example of a self leader, and the folks in Minnesota should get behind this man BIG TIME!!!

Jim also posted THE 28 PRINCIPLES THIS GREAT NATION WAS FOUNDED ON By Dr. W. Cleon Skousen. The 24th says Strong local self-government is the keystone to preserving human freedom. When Moses lead the people out of Egypt, he soon found those folks didn’t know how to govern themselves, and it just about put ol' Moses in a home! He divided them into increasingly smaller groups and taught them to resolve their differences in the smallest possible groups, which is a principle the Founders incorporated into our Constitution, and something I think will once again be applied when we get done mopping up this terrible mess! A wise man that Moses guy.

I think if we are going to turn things around, it has to start first with the smallest possible unit; the individual. As I like to think, a majority of one. If we don’t exercise individual self responsibility, then we give up our power to determine our own destiny, subjugate ourselves to fascist socialism, and end up living as slaves in the hands of tyrants.

In his New year post of January 1, 2004, we find a self leader who never ever gives up, has a genuine concern for the children, and should be an inspiration to all. Go get em in Minnesota!

Keep up the good work Jim Paulson!

I’m still debating how to go about developing the Ostracism Matrix, and was thinking it might be best to organize it on a state, or maybe even a municipal level. Perhaps a main blog linking to state blogs, with the individual state blogs linking to individual municipalities. That would be a lot of blogs to set up! But wouldn’t it be something if everybody could log on to the internet and find a list of those that We the People will refuse to do business with? Any ideas? I mean, imagine this…. John Doe paracitical elite walks into the local supermarket, his implant sets off bells and whistles, and the store manager politely tells him to take his monopoly money somewhere else. Hey, I don’t know, it could happen……

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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