Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The Last Blog!

I'm thinking of taking it down as it seems to be a worthless waste of valuable time.

The government is watching this blog. The worlds financial centers are watching this blog. It seems that WE THE PEOPLE are as sound asleep as ever! It is taking far too much of my precious time, and if nobody cares enough to exert the discliplined effort to integrate facts in reality, and insist on cutting off little pieces of the dragons tail in hopes it doesn't bite them, (It's a full course meal right now, no?) I guess I'll just have to leave the herd behind and save my own hide. I'll give it a couple of days and see what happens.

A Little Ditty on Global WarnmingA communitarian HOAX

Inversions of reality!

Your Friend Global Warming

by Ryan McMaken

Not surprisingly, the Academy concluded that more (presumably government) funding is necessary to really understand climate change, and even though they have more questions than answers on the subject of climate change, they recommend that the coercive efforts of governments to vainly attempt to curb global warming continue.
None of this evidence seems to impress the global warming crowd which continues to repeat to itself that global warming is an unprecedented phenomenon sure to destroy all life as we know it. What is most vexing is how the threat of global cooling is simply shrugged off by environmentalists. For some reason, the idea of living under a sheet of ice disturbs environmentalists less than the idea of an increase in arable land and a decline in deadly cold temperatures.

Is a New Ice Age Under Way?

by Laurence Hecht

“Watch out, Al Gore. The glaciers will get you!” With that appended note, my friend, retired field geologist Jack Sauers, forwarded to me a report that should have been a lead item in every newspaper in the world. It was the news that the best-measured glacier in North America, the Nisqually on Mount Rainier, has been growing since 1931.

17,000 scientists declare that global warming is a lie!

Oregon Instituteof Science and Medicine

The global warming hypothesis has failed every relevant experimental test. It lives on only in the dreams of anti-technologists and population reduction advocates. The United States is very close to adopting an international agreement that would ration the use of energy and of technologies that depend upon coal, oil, and natural gas and some other organic compounds.

This treaty is, in our opinion, based upon flawed ideas. Research data on climate change do not show that human use of hydrocarbons is harmful. To the contrary, there is good evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is eviromentally helpful.



Re-posted...with shouting! (I will link this document up at some time in the future.)

Friday, October 17, 2003
The Declaration of Independence
IN CONGRESS July 4, 1776.

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

Ninety years of the FRS/IRS criminality constitutes A Long Train of Abuses!

This Is Your Wake Up Call.
This nation has forgotten our duty and responsibilities to our children and has instead enslaved them with debt bondage.

Creating SOMETHING from NOTHING is a violation of natural law and is nothing more than a reality created in the mind.

Federal Reserve Notes = No-thing + Usury = Slavery
Gold and Silver Coin = Tangible Wealth = Constitutional = Liberty

"The only justifiable purpose of political institutions is to insure the unhindered development of the individual." Albert Einstein

What happens when government ignores or defaults upon its prime responsibility -- defaults upon law enforcement that protects the life-and-property rights of each citizen? Such government becomes the source of social decay that if unchecked leads ultimately to the trashing of that government’s jurisdiction be it a small community, a small country, mighty America, and the entire world.

The task and responsibility to make conscious life happily creative and forever imperishable falls upon the conscious individual to harness his or her nature in a Constitutional Republic governed by natural law that protect individual life and property rights.

Lasting values accrue from neither politics nor philosophy, but from natural law integrated with commonsense reality and historical knowledge. The best historical example we see of voluntary union among diverse individuals occurred in America between 1620 and 1789. Americans knew and appreciated the principle of self-government with union. America’s founding fathers didn't get their wisdom from arguing philosophy or manipulating politics, but from understanding natural law and factual history back to classical Rome and Greece. They sought to sweep away philosophy and politics with common sense.The Founding Fathers created a constitutional republic, which protects every citizen's private property and which forbids direct taxation of the people. For the last nine decades, Communitarians have been using the income tax to usurp all capital from the owners of private property, and they advocate democracy because it permits them to achieve a gradual transition from free enterprise capitalism into socialism and from socialism into communism.

"Gentlemen, Comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about glasnost and perestroika and democracy in the coming years. These are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal change within the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep." Mikhail Gorbachev, in addressing the Soviet Politburo in November of 1987

Presently, the constitution has been thrown out the window, the Republic shoved aside and replaced with a democracy. (Mob Rule!) The thing is; most people in this country remain unaware that this is so because they simply do not know the truth - what lies beyond the myths. Your democratic elected servants are not going to tell you either, for they are dependent on the fraudulent Federal Reserve Mob for their sustenance.

What happens when we surrender our free agency to external authority? We deny the very nature of our existence! The psychological warfare being used to subjugate Americans has been successful in that few today are able to grasp the concepts that reveal the divinity of the individual, and the power to control destiny. When confronted with the reality of our prevailing political and financial structure, most make a choice to live in denial because it doesn’t fit the picture of reality that has been created for them. This cognitive dissonance, these mind created realities, are the most prevalent psychological disturbances affecting people today. These false illusions are cultured by a demagogue of politicians, journalists, and academics that propagate criminal-minded socialistic thinking throughout the populace. Most everyone today suffers, to some degree, by acting on these false realities executed through an incestuously corrupt judicial system and its armed enforcers.

The parasitical elite employ these socialist/fascist stratagems as weapons to destroy our Constitutional Republic. In their world of non sequiturs and illusions, these organized criminals dishonestly manipulate approaches to life, society, and law. With false notions and inversions of reality, they make good appear evil, and evil appear good -- the innocent appear guilty, and the guilty appear innocent. This platonic circular approach has been employed for over 2,500 years, resulting not in civilizations, but upside down anti-civilizations that perennially fall to destruction and death. But today, with the advent of chemical, biological, and radiological weapons, the whole human family could perish, as if it never existed -- anytime within the next decade!

Only one approach to life is practical and beneficial. A consistently rational digital/linear approach based on natural law combined with hard facts and fully integrated honesty.

What can prevent America’s bankrupt personal and corporate balance sheets from spiraling into a long-term liquidity and depression, starting perhaps in 2003? Can America pull out of its long-term decline commencing in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act, and culminating in the 1990s Clinton/Greenspan/Rubin-inspired era of political/criminal entrepreneurship -- from Enron/WorldCom business schemes to Medicare/Social-Security government ponzi schemes? It is vitally important that the public realize the width, breadth, and depth of the governments accounting frauds, from the Department of Education to the General Accounting Office that are many times more destructive to America’s long-term economy and security than are all Clinton/Greenspan/Rubin birthed “new-economy” corporate frauds and criminalities combined.

If we want to protect our freedom, then we must eliminate the ruling elite's financial power base by dispensing with the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve System, the invisible government, and replace it with a financial structure which is in keeping with the U.S. Constitution. Article 1, Section 8 states: "The Congress shall have the Power To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures." Furthermore, "No State shall...coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts."

Restoring a sound monetary system of value exchange would allow us to take back our social and cultural institutions, including the schools and universities, the media, and the entertainment industry which have been controlled and subverted by tax-exempt foundations.

Such property-rights justice combined with terminating a corrupt judicial system, and the insanely destructive Republican “war on drugs” and its irrational anti-drug laws, would not only dramatically cut crime rates, police abuses, and drug pushing onto America’s youth, but would also cut the financial lifelines of terrorists and tyrants worldwide. The drug war has been used to destroy our Constitutional Republic and usurp property in the same manner as the income tax and now Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, and the New World Order.

Eliminating force backed burdensome income taxes would promptly boom entrepreneurial enterprises, big and small businesses, the professions, the arts, to boom the prosperity and quality of life for everyone. Realize how the lower and middle income classes -- those who most avidly demand redistributions of wealth via graduated income taxes -- would benefit the most by eliminating the banditry of earned-income taxation -- taxation that destroys job-and-wealth-creating earnings, savings, investments, capital, and the most precious commodity of all......TIME, our most valuable resource! Realize how free enterprise capitalism, based on the natural law excess produced by individuals exercising free agency, in a constitutional republic, would provide for all the needs of all the human family of planet Earth, now and for all eternity.

Will people wake up and recognize the damage caused by career politicians? Maybe. Is it necessary that we suffer the consequences of economic collapse and depression? Probably! Will the people recognize that these despots rely on ignorance and apathy to leech off our productive efforts and usurp bogus un-earned livelihoods? Should we continue to attempt to reform the system? We The People have petitioned these career politicians. They ignore our petitions. Enough is enough!



It is of vital importance that the general public harness the unalienable authority of the individual, with union, and develop effective strategies to deal with socialist force backed government agencies such as the IRS, SSA, OSHA, EPA, BATF, DEA, NEA, BLM, and now the United Nations and the New World Order that threaten to extinguish the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, and deliver eternal damnation to all the inhabitants of the earth. The danger is imminent.

It is of vital importance that the general public seizes the unalienable authority of the individual, with union, to devise effective strategies for dealing with the Federal Reserve System as a supposed "agency of the government". Thomas Jefferson warned against this when he said: "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

It is of vital importance that the general public exercise the unalienable authority to devise effective strategies for dealing with the elite ruling class, a fatal parasite whose tentacles reach into every aspect of American life, and stretch to entangle the entire planet led by a disintegrating democratic American Empire infested with criminal minded authorities and their agents of force.

It is of vital importance that a major move be made to replace a criminal government that acts in collusion with monetary and banking systems that regulate the economy, destroy our industrial base, usurp the fruits of our labor, and impose pervasive police-state tactics on sovereign individuals, enslaving us with usury from false notes and securities created out of thin air.

The innocent must never again answer to the guilty. Rather, the innocent must take the responsibility to prosecute the guilty, and restore a Constitutional Republic free of force, fraud, and coercion.

It is of vital importance that We, The People, realize that we do not need the present government that has designed to reduce Americans under absolute Despotism, and that is must now be DISPLACED, and new guards be instilled for the future security of America, and for the survival of the human family.

"True law is right reason in agreement with nature, universal, consistent, everlasting, whose nature is to advocate duty by prescription and to deter wrongdoing by prohibition."
Cicero 51 B.C.

We The People Must Now Make a Choice

The day of decision is upon us. We must retrace our way to that place where we missed the road to our salvation. We do not belong on this road to serfdom that leads to a land where men sell their soul for what they call security, but which turns out to be a nightmare in which man is a lost soul without a home. Instead, we belong to a land where individuals act on their own individual authority and harness their own nature to ensure freedom and liberty -- in futurity, for themselves, and all who follow.

Who will win Earth's final battle between Good and Evil?

What kind of American are you?


We The People have the legal and constitutional (not to mention God given) authority to displace the parasitical career politicians, expel the criminal "invisible" government from the land of our inheritance, instill new guards for our future security, and restore a Constitutional Republic. We The People literally hold the future of the world in our hands. The people we send to Washington as the result of our next election will either embrace world government, or reject it. It is up to YOU.


Swiss Banks

posted on 01/11/2004 12:50 AM by James_Jaeger

The below questions in connection with SWISS BANKS, were forwarded to me by a thoughtful associate. Although some of them sound a little radical, most of them are questions I have wondered about over the years. Unless we know how and why money is allocated on a global scale, I don't see how we can control the DANGEROUS FUTURES this site attempts to address. - JJ


1. Why are the Swiss Banks, without any foreign retail outlets, the world’s largest asset managers/creditors (and the only banks that have no third party debts) whose assets exceed the total Third World debt a hundred times over? Is this why Swiss bank apologists extensively promote “free” trade and “the free market economy” as well as promote “globalization” while counting the loot in their brown envelopes?

2. How much direct/indirect/nominee tax-evasion/transfer-pricing/crime money/assets from fictitious business deals/transactions to drugs/arms/prostitution/property crime do the Swiss banks siphon off every year? How can such illicit money be distinguished from that of ordinary/legal businesses, savers, pension funds and investors?

3. How many letterbox companies are operated in Zug, Zurich, Fribourg and other Swiss Cantons that specialize in facilitating international money laundering/transfer-pricing/tax-evasion/crime money flight that ends up in Swiss banks?

4. How much foreign money/assets have overall been transferred/deposited/laundered/stashed away in Swiss banks since 1914?

5. How many secret/nominee number accounts do the Swiss banks operate? Credit Suisse, the smaller of the two Swiss banks, admits to 70 million numbered accounts with minimum assets in excess of USD 1 million each amounting to more than USD 70 trillion without counting the ordinary accounts. UBS is at least twice as gigantic.

6. Why has the international media, through which the Swiss banks incite global money laundering, not (so far) been held responsible?

7. Why did the Swiss banks admit that every day more than 54,000 humans die from malnutrition (up from 10,000 a day in 1970) and more than 1000 million humans (1billion) must subsist on less than 1USD a day? 20% (of which 2% own 90%) of humans own 80% of global assets and income, consume 80% of resources, cause 80% of planet/habitat/bio-diversity destruction, 80% of global pollution and waste laying (ref. Swiss Bank Corporation – now UBS AG – Corporate Economic Services, November 1996) According to the Swiss based IUCN only some 5% of global land space remains as Nature in the form of natural habitat; the remaining 95% are already invaded, occupied, polluted, contaminated, poisoned and turned into a gigantic global agro-factory to feed, house, clothe, employ, transport, defend, entertain and genetically engineer ever more humans!

8. Why do the Swiss bank controlled/indebted lackey media like CNN, Fox/Sky, TV5, NTV, BBC World service, Time, TV7, The Economist, the FT (Pearson Group), The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and all the other sycophants prefer to fence the stolen money via dishonest, fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, cynical and false advertising rather than expose the truth?

9. What is the direct correlation between increasing global poverty, hunger, exploitation, oppression, deprivation and infrastructure deterioration/collapse and Swiss bank originated Swiss wealth and prosperity? Why can the Swiss afford to employ more than 2 million foreigners to do their dirty work? These are the economic migrants who see the “western media glorified mass-consumption enslavement as a panacea of bliss and “freedom”…yes, freedom to buy your share of planet/habitat destruction, deforestation, desertification, pollution, waste laying and exploitation.

10. What are the methods used by the Swiss banks to entice, siphon off, receive, stash away, launder the world’s savings, pension-funds, back-handers, commissions, income-excesses, black/crime money in breach of national and international money-laundering/offshore/tax and insider laws?

11. What is the extent of connivance/collusion/participation of law-enforcement agencies/regulatory authorities/academic institutions/governments/United Nations/European Commission/bureaucrats in aiding and abetting the Swiss banks breaching such laws?

12. What is Romano Prodi (EU Commission President), Xavier Solano (self-styled EU Foreign Policy Chief), Silvio Berlusconi (Dictator of Italy and holder of 6 year jail sentence for corruption), Margaret Thatcher (former Prime Minister) Helmut Kohl (former German Chancellor), Milosevic (former Banker and dictator), Kofi Annan (President United Nations), Adolf Ogi (former shoe polish salesman/Swiss President now Olympic Committee Chairman), Ken Livingstone (Capitalist Mayor of London/Sponsor of Tower of Babylon), The Hinduja Brothers (typical Swiss bank clients), Lord Sainsbury (greengrocer), General Pinochet (ex murderer/arms dealer/dictator), Fujimori (ex wheeler/dealer/Peruvian PM), Lord Brittan (former EU Commissioner), Alan Greenspan (Chairman Federal Reserve), Wim Duisenberg (President EU Central bank) Eddie George (Chairman Bank of England) and virtually every South
American/African Leader/drugs/arms dealer, the IMF, the World Bank, the EIB, EBRD etc. connection with the Swiss banks and in also the BIS (Bank for International Settlements in Basel)? Is that why the Basel Chernobyl was never exposed?

13. Why are the World Trade Organization, the World Economic Forum, the Commission on Global Governance, the Olympic Committee, the Economic Commission for Europe, the United Nations Research Institute for Social
Development, the International Labor Office, the Center for Human Rights, FIFA and all the other UN playboy organizations headquartered in the dope-infested, corrupt Geneva money-laundry? Is it because it’s more convenient for laundry visits/ banking all the brown envelopes on top of the tax-free salaries, tax-free shopping and expense accounts?

14. Why has the Swiss puppet-government legalized narcotics when the whole world is trying to combat drug addiction; to incite other governments to follow and keep the ignorant masses stoned so they don’t know/understand what their Swiss bank sponsored/corrupted Fuehrers are doing to the planet and to justify laundering all the proceeds and keep their drugs cartels thriving?

15. Why did former Swiss Cabinet Minister Kopp resign following her lawyer husband’s confession that he had laundered hundreds of millions of dollars of drugs money for the Swiss banks? Why was nobody ever charged?

16. Why do the Swiss banks own the London Stock Exchange and the so-called regulatory authority FSA (both limited companies)?

17. What is the lever-action the Swiss banks use to manipulate the global stock, commodity, foreign exchange and debt markets?

18. What is the “long/short,” derivatives, options, futures, warrants and other Swiss based “Game Institute” theories based global fraud and deception position of the Swiss banks in respect of major global corporations, commodities and foreign exchange at any one time?

19. How were the Swiss banks in particular UBS AG involved in the collapse of ENRON? How are the mutually co-ordinated counter-trades that facilitated the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars by the Swiss bank insiders/manipulators for the benefit of Enron bosses and associates to facilitate UBS taking over Enron’s global oil/gas trading and thereby controlling the world’s energy markets as well, being investigated? What similar tricks did the Swiss banks use to bankrupt/defraud AIB, Barings, Paine Webber and other victims?

20. What is the control the Swiss banks exert over governments, other banks, bureaucrats, board of directors, universities, institutes etc. during the time they control their debts, shares, stock and politics?

21. What is the Swiss banks’ control over the Swiss universities and corrupt Reading University’s ISMA Center where they teach you how to stuff brown envelopes (largely their own) steal, rob and cheat clients, massage accounts, develop easily saleable scientific/technological crap and anything that can be flogged/traded/manipulated/infiltrated/corrupted on the globalised markets?

22. Why is UBS AG (aka UBS Warburg/UBS Warburg Dillon Read/UBS Paine Webber/UBS Phillips & Drew/UBS GAM Asset Management and thousands of subsidiary companies and Cartel associates) “audited” by Ernst & Young (aka CAP GEMINI Ernst & Young) which is owned by ATAG AG of Switzerland which is owned by Swiss Bank Corporation which is now owned by UBS AG? Why is UBS AG subsidiary ATAG Ernst & Young also “auditing” the Swiss National Bank whose assets consist entirely of the stolen Nazi gold?

23. Since when is it legal/acceptable that Banks are audited by their own subsidiary companies staffed by their own bank employee lackeys?

24. Why have the so-called Swiss bank “auditors” failed to uncover the massive theft of savings/pensions/the holocaust billions and the massive proceeds from drugs/arms/crime since the First World War that has enabled the Swiss banks to buy up the world? The fact is that any organization/corporation/authority that is “audited” by Ernst & Young or involved with CAP GEMINI is in fact a UBS vassal/lackey subsidiary.

25. Why is it a criminal offence in Switzerland to disclose criminal offences committed by a Swiss employer; is it to protect the Banks’ criminal money laundering/transfer-pricing scams and to whitewash Switzerland’s global extortion/price-fixing rackets?

26. Is it to protect the country’s mushrooming “legal/accountancy” practices that act as money-laundries on behalf of the Swiss banks?

27. What is the purpose of secret number accounts/letterbox companies other than to protect the criminals that set them up/use them?

28. What is the purpose of the Swiss banks Zurich Financial Services Group/Private Banking/AMFQ-CH6 extortion racket that consists of unlicensed traders/insiders/manipulators/racketeers with the specific intention to manipulate the global markets with the money stolen from clients?

29. Who are the Swiss bank racketeers/market manipulators/insiders/unlicensed traders that operate under assumed/false names manipulating the global stock/commodity/foreign exchange markets from their Zurich money laundry?

30. What is the connection between former Presidents Reagan/Bush and the Swiss bank Asbestos Billionaire who flew them in his private jet to the RIO SUMMIT on behalf of his so-called “World Business Council for sustainable Development” that advocates growing the planet-destructive world economy in expectation of a world population of at least 12 billion humans of which 6 billion to be herded into Texas?

31. Why are the world’s largest cartel/price fixing operators like De Beers, Michelin, Pirelli, Ikea, Dunhill, Roche, Ciba, Lonza, Nestle, Winterthur, ABB, ENRON, Swiss Re, Zurich Financial Services, British American Tobacco, Phillip Morris, Novartis, Cargill, CSFB/Credit Suisse, Holderbank Corporation (the world’s largest cement producer), ADIA (the world’s largest job agency) to name just a tiny few operating via Swiss letterbox companies that facilitate untraceable transfer-pricing, price-fixing and money-laundering which leave the profits in Swiss francs in Swiss banks?

32. Why have all major and Third World currencies been ongoingly devalued against the Swiss franc by more than 1000% since 1939?

33. What is the Swiss banks involvement in the bankruptcy of England in the 1970s under PM Harold Wilson and its current staggering indebtedness to the Swiss banks and that of the Argentine and previously Brazil, Thailand, Russia, Mexico etc.

34. Why do the world’s political/military/criminal/feudal/entertainment “elites/thieves” hide their fortunes in secret Swiss bank accounts?

35. Why is the Brazilian Development bank run by a UBS Warburg lackey? Why is Swiss banker Ackerman running Deutsche Bank?

36. What other governments, institutions, banks and corporations are run by Swiss bank lackeys?

37. Swiss prosecutor Carla Ponte (with a little help from Swiss Professor Ziegler) tried to investigate the Swiss banks and what happened: she was shoved off to The Hague to prosecute Milosevic and Ziegler was put under house-arrest at Geneva university while the Swiss banks continue to finance their rackets with the stolen Milosevic millions. Why?

38. What other law enforcement people either today work as paid Swiss bank lackeys or have been shoved off into exile from duty? Increasing violence by braindead/illiterate/robotised police accompanied by Hitler’s favorite vehicles against peaceful demonstrators shows the total corruption/fascist terrorism of law enforcement and feudal governments acting to protect the globalised Swiss bank crime rackets. Is this okay?

39. What trade union people today either work as paid Swiss bank lackeys or have been shoved off into exile from duty? Ever lower wages/higher taxes for workers and ever higher tax-free emoluments/backhanders/commissions/pensions/share options/expenses-paid feudal lifestyles for parasitic directors/politicians/bureaucrats demonstrate collusion by the trade unions with the global racketeers.

40. Why was UBS Warburg chosen to bring British Rail track to the market and allowed to make billions while letting rail track go bust? Why is British Rail track financing the new London Tower of Babylon under London Capitalist Mayor Livingstone when the dilapidated British rail system/stations are falling apart from disrepair and lack of maintenance, retro-fitting and investment?

41. What undertaking did PM Toni Blair have to give to the Swiss bank-controlled London City Financiers so they would let him win the election via their lackey newspapers and media?

42. Was privatization of the health service, the police, the legal system, the Royal Family and local authorities à la British Rail the deal that gave Toni the craved power?

43. Which global accountancy/law firm has no dependency/lackey connection with the Swiss banks (we know it went out of business a long time ago) while the others are smoothing the way for total Swiss bank financed planet destruction/money-laundering/transfer-pricing/insi der-dealing legalization?

44. Why did the Swiss banks order that the fatal Swissair crash aircraft be left on the bottom of the ocean with a major haul of diamonds, Picassos, billions of cash, apart from 275 dead bodies? Was it because they did not fancy the international money-laundry questions that might be asked? And why had Swissair been forced to hand over its aircraft to the Swiss banks just ahead of going bankrupt to avoid the liability claims? And why are these aircraft now handed to the new “Swiss” airline that has been set up by the Swiss banks to bring in the laundry from all over the world?

45. Why would the Federal Reserve Banks of the USA license such Swiss racketeers/money-launderers/insiders/market-manipu lators that pretend to be banks?

46. For centuries humans have been enslaved/raped/exploited by the land-owning feudal masters through bondage. Hierarchical feudalism has been resurrected by the Swiss banks based on derivatives/options/warrants/futures/money-launder ing/transfer-pricing scams etc. that the Swiss banks invented under the pretense of protecting their clients from the ravages of market manipulators/Boiler room crooks. Instead the Swiss banks have used these instruments of theft to defraud savers, pensioners, private banking clients who are entrapped hostages to the pre-calculated global market manipulations that the Swiss bank Zurich Treasury insiders/racketeers impose with criminal intent to enrich themselves on the global markets. It has made the Swiss banks the biggest global financial racketeering empires that ever ruled the world and Switzerland the world’s richest country; it’s wealth, statistically massaged to suit world opinion like all Swiss propaganda is hidden in secret, untraceable number accounts and letterbox companies. Officially average Swiss wealth is 250,000 USD per capita (after deduction of all debts). That makes the Swiss a mere 1000 times more wealthy than the annual income and 250,000 times more wealthy on an asset basis of the average African. Swiss-massaged income statistics show per capita Swiss income on a mere 45,000 USD p.a. It’s the expense accounts that matter and the annual millions that go straight into secret number accounts/letterbox companies.

47. Why would Switzerland without any natural resources, a country that chose to do mercenary military slaughtering for centuries for foreign powers, that sent its daughters abroad as scullery maids (now they’re call girls for the United Nations) and its sons as chimney sweeps (now they are money-launderers) be today the world’s richest nation with the lowest taxes in the world yet have the most sophisticated, meticulous infra-structure of any nation?

48. Who are the gnomes of Zurich that nobody has ever seen, talked to or interviewed that are behind the Swiss banks and their scams?

49. Is it because the gnomes of Zurich have found that well-educated, knowledgeable people can be bought like candy and manipulated like puppets and if paid well enough they could become as crooked as the gnomes of Zurich themselves assisting in re-creating a notorious, corrupt global Batista economy.

50. The Swiss banks have created and abused the globalised “free” market economy by systemically and systematically raping, enslaving and corrupting the dependency their rackets inflict on their victims; thereby re-creating a notorious, corrupt global Batista economy that must now be stopped: The Nazis ultimately failed in their attempt to rule the world; it’s outrageous that the International Community should let the Swiss Nazi bankers get away with it.

51. It’s time to break up the Swiss banks. Hand back the foreign subsidiaries and cartel associates to the countries from where they were purchased with the stolen money. Make secret number accounts illegal. Pay back the stolen savings and pensions. Distribute the laundered trillions to the poor in the Third world (not their leaders or it’ll go straight back to Zurich). Bring the Swiss bank crime bosses to justice and restore a global financial system based on honesty instead of debt and theft. No bank or corporation must be allowed to be larger abroad than it is in its home country. All relevant Swiss corporations must be broken up accordingly. Why
should the arrogant/nasty/greedy/dishonest Swiss control the world’s money, food, cement, media, trade and football?

52. Why should they be allowed to hire ever more foreigners and corrupt them to participate in defrauding the world?

53. All the world’s major Swiss bank financed/indebted crime syndicates, like the French Boulanger group, Casino/Al Campo group, Leroy Merlin group etc., that sell the mass-produced crap that falls to pieces/breaks down within six months (when clients are sent on a worldwide journey to find a licensed repair shop) treat customers badly by the INSEAD/IMD-indoctrinated staff robots as part of the global dog-eats-dog economic throat-wringing process that the political charlatans call the end of recession.


55. Stop it now before it is too late! Those sustaining the Swiss banks are directly participating in the global racketeering that destroys the global life support system on Earth.

Equal Earth is a world-wide, non-profit making, religious philosophy and association of friends with a common purpose of truth, justice, free speech, freedom of expression and opposition to ignorance, self-indulgence, political feudalism, bureaucratic oppression, over-proliferation and over-population. Equal Earth stands for equal democratic responsibilities, rising standards and quality of life for all species; renovation, restoration, reforestation and restitution of the natural wildlife habitat within a stable, responsible co-existential balance/equilibrium to sustain our mutual life support system: the planet Earth. EQUAL EARTH stands for less quantum and more values, quality of life for all within a balanced, stable and self-regenerating eco-system that provides sufficient natural habitat for all species to guarantee a peaceful, co-existential, synergetic symbiosis of mutual tolerance. Ye Shall Have Honest Weights and Measures and Respect Limits! THERE WILL BE NO PEACE ON EARTH UNTIL THE HUMANS HAVE MADE PEACE WITH THE GLOBAL ECO-SYSTEM AND ITS BIO-DIVERSITY
email: equalearth@yahoo.com

Please feel free to quote, copy, reprint or mail content. No Copyright. No fees.

Thank you for emailing us. Unfortunately we are unable to reply due to the vast number of emails received. Our website is under construction.


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