Thursday, January 01, 2004

One small step for the Conspirators; One Giant leap backwards for civilization.

2004 The year of the Slave?

NO WAY!!! They will never win unless we let them!

News Years Resolution:

The collapse of the anticivilization that leads to death for everyone on planet earth by via individual self leaders dedicated to prosperity of all inhabitants of planet earth.


A Single Credo for Self-Leaders Direct every thought, every discipline, every effort toward the overthrow of the parasitical-elite class -- toward the eradication of every livelihood that harms the value producers, the economy, and society.

Requisites for Self-Leaders

To recognize that all past revolutions and their class overthrows have been false, compromised, or temporary. Only the Prosperity Revolution that eradicates the parasitical-elite class will permanently empower the productive class.

The Self-Leader's Goal

The self-leader has but one implacable goal: the unrestricted well-being and happiness of the productive class and all humanity.

To accomplish that goal, the parasitical-elite class must be eliminated. How will that be accomplished? By welding the productive class into an ostracism force that is all-subversive toward everything supporting that leech class.

Until now, every revolution in history eventually betrayed itself by overthrowing one parasitical-elite class in order to replace it with another. But, the leaderless Prosperity Revolution can never impose any form of rule or exploitation on the productive class. For, the single task of the Prosperity Revolution is to eradicate the parasitical elites by eliminating their dishonest illusions, hoaxes, and mysticisms. The revolution will then be over. ...All revolutions will be over forever. Unending prosperity and happiness will reign

The Self-Leader's Behavior

The self-leader dedicates his or her life toward the uncompromising eradication of the parasitical-elite class.

The self-leader breaks all bonds with the world controlled by parasitical elites. Yet, the self-leader infiltrates that world. He or she deals with parasitical elites, increasingly through cyberspace, only to subvert and destroy their corrupt systems more rapidly.

The self-leader rejects public opinion and the existing social morality. For the self-leader, morality is everything that advances the overthrow. Immorality is everything that blocks the overthrow.

The self-leader not only suppresses all sentimentality, but he or she abandons all private hatred and revenge. Day and night, the self-leader has but one thought, one aim -- the merciless overthrow of the parasitical-elite class.

The Self-Leader's Relationship to Others and Society

The degree of friendship, devotion, and obligation toward others is determined solely by the degree they are useful in terminating parasitical elites.

A second-degree or third-degree self-leader is one who has not yet totally committed to the elimination of the parasitical-elite class. He or she is part of the common revolution capital to be used for the greatest advantage in advancing the revolution.

The self-leader is proven not by his or her words but by the deeds toward advancing the overthrow. The self-leader has no sympathy for the parasitical elites and does not hesitate to undermine their every position. He or she may frequently penetrate any area and live among their world in order to hasten their eradication

Parasitical elites can be split into several categories. The first category consists of those who are condemned to termination as soon as possible. The second category consists of those who are spared temporarily as being useful for provoking the public into revolution. The third category consists of those liberals and conservatives in high positions of unearned power and influence, various dishonest politicians, and certain harmful bureaucrats, lawyers, and judges. Those parasitical elites can be useful -- they can be exploited for advancing the revolution. The fourth category consists of pseudo-leaders who can be useful for a while. But, eventually, parasitical elites in all categories must be terminated.

The Greatest Event in History

What about other great events in history? Forget them. The emerging Prosperity Revolution is by far history's greatest event. That event will open the way for all future advancements toward eternal prosperity and happiness.

Terminating the Parasitical-Elite Class

Independent self-leaders are developing with no leader to follow or obey. They are people who will increasingly carry out missions of subversion against the parasitical-elite class.

So long as self-leaders have no leader to obey, they will steadily multiply and never stop moving forward. For, on learning how to break the hoax of professional parasitism, they will react personally to each parasite who harms or drains society. On their own, in their own ways, they will increasingly subvert the entire parasite class. They will subvert the leeches one by one, relentlessly, until each is driven from his or her bogus career. Especially through the Internet, self-leaders will have no time or energy limits to stop them from eradicating the parasitical-elite class that wastes the lives of everyone. They will have no more compunction about swatting down parasitical elites who exploit society than they have about swatting down mosquitoes that spread disease.

So long as uncensored cyberspace and free expression exists, the Prosperity Revolution will proceed peacefully. Without gun-backed oppression, the overthrow of the parasitical-elite class will be peaceful but uncompromising, total, permanent.

Blog hard in 2004!

In Freedom and Prosperity
Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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