Monday, January 05, 2004

Simkanin Trial Coverage

Looks like a good rally of support for Dick Simkanin in Ft. Worth Texas today. Plenty of pictures from Doug kenline here, and audio blogs here.

If you were watching Doug Kenline's blogs, you heard that Charlie Beall threw a devastating "gut punch" at Doug Kenline at the "debriefing" yesterday. Listening to Doug's late night audioblogs, I could feel the pain and humiliation. Charlie may as well have thrown the punch at me! And he did really, because I'm a blogger, and it seems Charlie doesn't like We the Bloggers. But Doug doesn't give up easily, and was back at the blog today, and in a small way, justice was served when Charlie got smoked while leaving the courthouse. Too bad Doug didn't get a picture of the event because he was doing an audio blog, but the action was captured live on the audio blog of 1/6/04 at 8:12 PM. Tune in, it's a hoot!

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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