Saturday, February 07, 2004

Poker Face

The Idaho Observer featured this article on the band Poker Face. Poker face was the band that played on the mall in Washington D.C. for the Freedom Drive 2002.

This article is going to get a little personal because I cannot think of any other way to describe how important the four guys who comprise the Christian patriot heavy metal band Pokerface really are.

You can contact the band office by calling (610) 434-8775. Pokerface also posts a couple of excellent and informative websites. Visit them at www.pokerface.com for the music; www.pokerface.org for the politiks and www.belevefest.com for BeLeFEST -- an up and coming Pokerface event.

You will find some good discussion at the Pokerface.org site.

The Idaho Observer also featured this article about the Bush amnesty plans for millions of illegal Mexican aliens. This one really hit a nerve for me as I am currently fixing the shoddy workmanship of a crew of Mexican drywallers. The contractor saved a couple of bucks on cheap labor, but the homeowner has to pay the price for me to fix the problems before I paint the job; at least if they want an acceptable level of craftsmanship. The general contractor actually expected me to supervise his sub contractors! Yeah right, I’m going to pull off a job for one of my best clients, donate my time (for free to him) to teach, or rather show, a crew of Mexicans who can’t even speak English, how to do their job.

And I’ve had it with Micky Dees. I will now refuse to do business with this extablishment. If I have to learn Spanish to order a burger, forget it! They used to hire the senior citizens who needed the income to compensate for theft by inflation, but old Ray seems to have sold out in the end; no seniors these days, just Mexicans flipping the burgers these days. But then, I suppose the American people ultimately determine the market. The law of supply and demand prevails, but in the end, what seems like a good deal turns out to be an expensive rip off in the long run. Let’s make sure they get socialist security benefits from the children. Penny wise and pound foolish! Go to Micky Dees….. sell your country down the road.

Things have changed in the last 30 years, but it looks like were heading back to the dark ages to me.

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One (who no longer does business with Micky Dees)

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