Friday, February 27, 2004

Utah Blogs

I was over at Claire Wolfe’s blog and discovered that Fran Tully
has a blog. Very Cool!

UTAH LP CHAIR FRAN TULLY has entered the blogosphere to write about freedom, the west, and self-sufficiency. He's started off with a spirited defense of self-defense and some very good leads to info on organic gardening in small spaces.

I met Fran and one of our first organizational meetings of the Utah Congress of WTP. Fran introduced us to 911 The Road to Tyranny by Alex Jones. We contacted Alex Jones for permission to show the video, obtained a copy, and off we went. We showed that video to a lot of people in Salt Lake City. We even had a former congressman sponsor two showings, one which drew a crowd of about 200 people. Good man Fran!

Fran posted an article about Richard Mack, who is running for Governor of the State of Utah. Richard supported the Utah Congress of WTP, and the Utah Congress supports Mack. Of course, I contribute to his campaign in silver coin, which he gladly accepts! Richard spoke at a seminar for Global Debt Solution, where he was quoted as saying:

I trust criminals more than I trust the government. Sometimes criminals will give you a fighting chance and play fair. Sometimes they have consciences.

Mack fought against the Brady Gun bill, and won – for good reason:

Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.
-Sara Brady, Chairman, Handgun Control

Mack is the author of From My Cold Dear Fingers, and wrote the forward for Vicky, Sam, and America, How the Government Killed all Three by Randy Weaver.

So welcome to the blogsphere and my blogroll Fran Tully. Let it rip, and let’s get Mack blogging also!

"Freedom-is the absence of the awareness of restraint."
-David Rockefeller

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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