Sunday, March 07, 2004

Alternative News

It is possible to get accurate news about the world, but you have to go hunting for it and the Internet is ideal for that. Concerning the Iraqi War, I have added an Alternative News section to my sidebar. Here is a directory of these websites:

worldwatchdaily.org An excellent source of daily news summaries (sent by email) from a Christian, conservative viewpoint. Highly recommended.

InformationClearinghouse.info for news, commentary and insight that you won't see on CNN.

overthrow.com Quite readable and pretty accurate. Bookmark this one, if nothing else.

aeronautics.ru A Russian GRU source which seems particularly accurate and reliable. Uses Russian reconnaissance satellite imaging extensively. Written and translated daily. Click on "Next Report" until you reach the most recent. Usually updated in the evening, US time.
iraqwar.ru A fairly new Russian site where English is broken but content is good. Be patient and you'll be rewarded with gems of information.

aljazeerah.info English translation of the famous Middle East news organization's internet site. Accused by American media and administration spokesmen of bias and propagandizing, the reporting here appears more in line with independent (European and Russian) reporting than American.

islamonline.net English translation of a Muslim site. Clear pro-Muslim bias, but seems to be closer to independent reporting than American mainstream news sources.

israelnationalnews.com Israel-based site for the Israeli/Jewish take on things. A real eye opener for those who have yet to figure out what Zionism (Jewish supremacism) is about.
globalfire.tv A detailed independent German news site. Expect high anti-American sentiment here.

For a record of current events reported on within the context of biblical prophecy, see cuttingedge and biblebelievers.

larouchepub.com In depth economic and strategic analysis from Executive Intelligence Review, and Lyndon LaRouche, presidential candidate for 2004.

antiwar.com Behind the headlines with Justin Raimondo.

savethemales Exposing feminism and the New World Order.

worldpress.org Provides an unprecedented platform for ideas and opinions on topics of significant international concern.

hoffman-info.com Your source for suppressed information on Judaism's strange gods, secret societies and psychological warfare and radical history.

legitgov.org A multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations. Many excellent articles.

truthout.org Excellent articles and independent reviews from William Rivers Pitt, Managing Editor.

Finally, for the American take on things: worldnetdaily, abcnews.go.com or cnn.com. The most professional appearing, by far, but heavily propagandized and distorted for a pro-administration viewpoint. Typical of American mainstream reporting. Best used for contrast to other sources. Read between the lines by using the other sources cited above.

Special Thanks to Michael Haupt - Cambridge, England

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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