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Presidential Candidate Responds

From : Lawrence Rey Topham
Reply-To : lrtopham@lycos.com
Sent : Thursday, April 15, 2004 12:44 PM
To : "Megan A. Johnson"
CC : "Jan Kerr"
Subject : Re: Concern For the Trafficking of Women


From: Lawrence Rey Topham
Secretary of State
Acting Governor
State of Utah

Dear Megan A. Johnson
University of Scranton
Scranton, Pennsylvania

I was pleased to receive your e-mail request. However, I am not necessarily
overjoyed about the subject you have asked me to address: Violence against women
and particularly trafficking of women in the sex industry.

I share your concern and would like to see this type of conduct stop and
the industry that profits from it go out of business. Next to murder itself,
what worse acts can be committed than violence to women, especially trafficing
in them for profit.

You asked eight questions to be answered.

1. Please define the phrase, “trafficking of women.”

Trafficking of women is an enterprise for profit engaged in by persons who
have no concern for the general personal welfare of women. The motive is, like
most enterprises, to profit from the services of other people. In this
particular enterprise, the fundamental purpose is to provide women for immoral
purposes, often prohibit by law, depending on the jurisdiction.

In the United States and most of the States it is prohibited by law. But
this has been greatly weakened by court decisions that have allowed consenting
Adults to engage in conduct previously prohibited by law. This has definitely
blurred the line between what is outlawed and what is not, in the view of the

2. Do you feel that the trafficking of women in a sex industry is something
that needs to be addressed?

Most definitely! It is a serious threat to the survival of the nations
whose people engage in it. It, undoubtedly is a major source for the
transmission of diseases of many kinds, which plague the world.

3. What is your position on the issue?

I am unalterably opposed to any violence against women and would like to
eliminate the trafficking of women everywhere in the United States of America,
and throughout the world. I believe the time will soon be upon us when such
wickedness and abomination will be done away with, and I will use all my influence to
help bring about the end of such iniquity.

4. Are you aware of any legislation that currently exists that protect these
women who are illegally imported into this country?

Yes. There are Federal and State statutes, sometimes, referred to as white
slavery laws. Many States have been enacting battered women legislation. The
stalking laws in some States provide a means to get restraining orders to keep
unwanted pursuers away, but they have not proved to be very effective because
the orders are often ignored by the restrained person and many law enforcers
simply do not respond to requests for protection from the person or persons
being stalked.

5. How can this legislation, or the implementing of any other types of
legislation, be imposed in order to offer more protection for these women?

This is one of the most difficult areas because women who are victimized
against their will are associated in the trafficking with women who willingly
participate for their own purposes, and others who reluctantly take part because
they have an object in view that they want to accomplish and therefore subject
themselves to the will of the traffickers.

6. As stated before, trafficking of women in the sex industry is more of an
international issue than a national issue. As a world superpower, do you
believe that the United States should take action in trying to fight this
international problem?

Without question!

7. If so, what type of action would you take?

The real solution requires the teaching of true principles of proper human
conduct to individuals in there personal and public and religious capacities.
People, necessarily, must choose their own course of conduct. People have
inalienable rights to life, liberty and property in the pursuit of happiness,
which is the ultimate purpose or goal of our existence.

Properly defined legislation may be very helpful, if it is just, and if it
is conscientiously, uniformly and equitably enforced.

I, personally, would use all of my influence to persuade others to improve
their own personal conduct, and carry out their responsibilities and duties to
their fellow beings, their eternal brothers and sisters. Those who believe life
ends when mortal bodies die are less inclined to care for the welfare of others
in the eternal welfare of the human soul.

8. What do you believe to be the main cause of this problem?

I believe that ignorance is the main cause. Other causes are based in general
human nature. If we do not understand our true potential, we will never be able
to comprehend the worth of souls in the site of our great Creator, who gave his
own earthly life, that we might live with Him in eternity. If we lived by the
same principles and laws He lived by our earthly lives would be much improved
and eventually perfected.

He, our Creator and our Savior, gave us the golden rule to live by. "Do unto
others as you would have them do unto you," is one way to express the law.

Legislators, executive officers, and judicial officers and other political
leaders are, mostly, prone to pander to the will of special interest groups,
particularly, those who contribute to their political campaigns. This weakens
their will to do what is right, even when they clearly know what is right. But
as they yield to the temptations to take the contributions, their view, that
once was clear, begins to be clouded. This is a progressive tendency and
eventually leads to corrupt influence rather than good influence.

I have created a web page that has many references concerning correct
principles. There are numerous links at: http://www.geocities.com/webnetalert
that may be of help to you. It links to most of my other websites and many of
them link to each other.

Ultimately, our own personal choices will determine how we will fare in
this life. We must choose the right, even if we are surrounded with those who do
evil for a living. "It is our duty to concentrate all of our influence to make
popular that which is sound and good and unpopular that which is unsound," said
Joseph Smith, Jr., Mayor of Nauvoo, Illinois.

I hope my answers are helpful to you in preparing for your meeting of young
voters, they are very much linked to the future of this nation and to the world.

Thank you for your invitation, and I apologize for doing this the last day. I
have not included references to any particular laws, but If I can get some for
you today I will send those laws to you.

Most Sincerely and Respectfully,

Lawrence Rey Topham
Secretary of State
State of Utah, and
Candidate for President of the United States of America

Lawrence Rey Topham
For President of the United States -2004 A.D.
First, we must return to gold and silver Coin as required by the United States
Second, we must fill the vacancies in public office with persons who are bound
by oath or affirmation to uphold gold and silver Coin as the only Tender in
Payment of Debts.
Third, we must support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States of
America, and that law which is constitutional.

Response from Megan

DATE: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 21:01:57
From: "Megan A. Johnson"
To: lrtopham@lycos.com

Dear Lawrence Rey Topham,

I would like to take this time to personally thank you for your time and your
concern. Not many people are as informed or as concerned with this issue as you
are. You have gone above and beyond anyone's expectations through your detailed
responses and continued research on this topic. I will be very sure to inform
the individuals attending the Young Voter's Issue Campaign of this determination
in answering the questions of one voter in the United States. Because you put
so much time and effort into assisting me with this aspect of the campaign, I
will be sure to spread this news. You have my vote, guaranteed. There are not
many candidates this dedicated in helping one voter at a time. Thank you. Good
Luck in your campaign.

With The Utmost Gratitude,
Megan A. Johnson


Dear Megan A. Johnson
University of Scranton
Scranton, Pennsylvania

I took a little time and put together some laws relating to your request.
There are about 640,000 websites hits relating to Trafficking of Women, I
thought you wanted my opinion rather than theirs, so that is what I sent you in
my first reply. You asked about some legislation I might know about Some of the
websites gave some information about that also, but I thought these items below
might be something to which you may not have had direct reference, the actual

These reference links are from Titles 22 and 24 of the United States Code
including the section numbers and are hyperlinked so you can review them
yourself very simply.

Of course, the Declaration of Independence stated that: "We are endowed by
our Creator with certain inalienable rights." My webpage gives you links to the
Declaration of Independence and the Constitution right near the top of the site.

Moreover, the Constitution of the United States was established to secure
the rights contained in the Declaration of Independence, Life, Liberty and
Property for our pursuit of happiness. So I have included with the links below,
links to the Fifth, Thirteenth and Fourteenth amendments which pertain to the
subject of protecting the rights of women. The rights of all persons are
included in these amendments, not just citizens. They say, "no person" so it
includes everyone within the jurisdiction of the United States.

http://supreme.lp.findlaw.com/constitution/amendment05/Fifth Amendment

http://supreme.lp.findlaw.com/constitution/amendment13/01.html Thirteenth

http://supreme.lp.findlaw.com/constitution/amendment14/Fourteenth Amendment

http://news.corporate.findlaw.com/hdocs/docs/scotus/sc2002yrrpt.html 2002 A.D.
U.S. Supreme Court Report - Search Key word=Trafficking

Section 9511 Prevention and Control of Sex Offenses;

Section 10606 Notes

Section 3796gg. Purpose of program and grants

Section 9511 Notes

Section 7101. Purposes and findings

Section 7102. Definitions

Section 7103. Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking

Section 7104. Prevention of trafficking

Section 7106. Minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking

Reference List of Sections 7101 etc.

Megan: If the above links don't work, I created a web page that has the links on
them at:


I hope this is the type of material you were seeking from me. It really is an
important subject and a vital matter to remedy.

Thank Your for allowing me to participate.

Most Sincerely and Respectfully,

Lawrence Rey Topham
Secretary of State
State of Utah, and
Candidate For President of the United States of America

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