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Set Your House in Order

Secret Combinations:

Selected Quotes from modern day Prophets and Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, compiled by Steven Montgomery Please refer to Steven's website at http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Crete/4516/sc.html

After speaking about the dangers of Communism, President David O. McKay then gave this warning, "Latter-day Saints should have nothing to do with secret combinations and groups antagonistic to the constitutional law of the land." (David O. McKay, Conference Report, Oct 1939)

"The ancient Prophet Moroni saw our day, who can doubt that he had in mind the evils of godless communism when he gave this solemn warning: "Wherefore, O ye Gentiles, it is wisdom in God that these things should be shown unto you, that thereby ye may repent of your sins, and suffer not that these murderous combinations shall get above you... Wherefore, the Lord commandeth you, when you shall see these things come among you that ye shall awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you. . . For it cometh to pass that whoso buildeth it up seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations and countries; and it bringeth to pass the destruction of all people, for it is built up by the devil, who is the father of all lies. . ." (Ezra Taft Benson, quoting from Ether 8:23-25,Conference Report Oct 1960)

After quoting Ether 8:23-25 [see the quote above], Ezra Taft Benson then said, "Today, the international, criminal, communist conspiracy fits this Book of Mormon description perfectly, for there is a combination of gangsters who lust for power, who have liquidated some 70 million [today the estimate ranges as high as 200 million] people, brought one-third of the world's population under bondage, and who seek to overthrow the freedom of all nations. . ." (Ezra Taft Benson, The Book Of Mormon Warns America, speech given at BYU, May 21, 1968 and as quoted in An Enemy Hath Done This, Chapter 29, pg. 328)

"Joseph Smith said that the Book of Mormon was the 'keystone of our religion' and the 'most correct' book on Earth (Doctrinal History of the Church, Vol. 6, p. 56). This most correct book on Earth states that the downfall of two great American civilizations came as a result of secret conspiracies whose desire was to overthrow the freedom of the people. 'And they have caused the destruction of this people of whom I am now speaking', says Moroni, 'and also the destructions of the people of Nephi (Ether 8:21).' Now undoubtedly Moroni could have pointed out many factors that led to the destruction of the people, but notice how he singled out the secret combinations, just as the Church today could point out many threats to peace, prosperity, and the spread of God's work, but it has singled out the greatest threat as the godless conspiracy. There is no conspiracy theory in the Book of Mormon--it is a conspiracy fact. Then Moroni speaks to us in this day and says, 'wherefore, the Lord commandeth you, when ye shall see these things come among you that ye shall awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you . . ." (Ezra Taft Benson, CR, April 1972, Ensign, pg. 49-53)

"Whenever the God of Heaven reveals His gospel to mankind, Satan, the archenemy to Christ, introduces a counterfeit. . . Communism introduced into the world a substitute for true religion, It is a counterfeit of the gospel plan . . . Today, we are in the battle for the bodies and souls of man. It is a battle between two opposing systems: freedom and slavery, Christ and AntiChrist. . . More recently, President Marion G. Romney, in the 1st Pres. message in the September 1979 Ensign, wrote: 'Communism is Satan's counterfeit for the gospel plan, and . . . it is an avowed enemy of the God of the land. Communism is the greatest Anti-Christ power in the world today and therefore the greatest menace not only to our peace but to our preservation as a free people. By the extent to which we tolerate it, accomodate ourselves to it, permit ourselves to be encircled by its tentacles and drawn to it, to that extent we forfeit the protection of the God of the Land. . .' So I say with all the energy of my soul that unless we as citizens of this nation forsake our sins, political and otherwise, and return to the fundamental principles of Christianity and of Constitutional government, we will lose our political liberties, our free institutions and will stand in jeopardy before God. . . There are some things we can and must do at once if we are to stave off a holocaust of destruction. . . We must awaken to a 'sense of our awful situation because of the secret combination which is among us' (Ether 8:24). We must not tolerate accomodation with or appeasement toward the false system of communism. . ." (Ezra Taft Benson, CR, Oct. 1979; Ensign, Nov 1979, pgs. 43-47)

"Shortly before the wicked were destroyed at the time of the crucifixion, the Gadianton robbers obtained, 'the sole management of the government' among the Nephites, 'insomuch that they did trample under their feet and smite and rend and turn their backs upon the poor and the meek, and the humble followers of God' (Helaman 6:39). Their Minions filled 'the judgement seats', they usurped 'the ower and authority of the land', 'condemned the righteous because of their righteousness' and let 'the guilty and the wicked go unpunished because of their money'. 'They sought to get gain and glory of the world', that they might 'more easily commit adultery, and steal, and kill, and do according to their own wills' (Helaman 7:4-5). These Nephite descriptions of the secret combinations of their day give us an understanding of what their prophets meant when they spoke of like evil organizations in the last days . . . Moroni also said that these secret combinations caused the destruction of the Jaredite and Nephite nations and will cause our destruction if we permit them to control our government . . . Moroni here (Ether 8:23-35) speaks of one particular secret combination and prophecies that it will be among us in our day. Next Moroni turns the key so that all who have ears to hear can understand what the secret combination is and can identify those who build it up. 'For it cometh to pass', he says, 'that whoso buildeth it up seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries'. This is a worldwide conspiracy. It is now entrenched in many nations, and it seeks dominion over all nations. It is godless, atheistic, and operates by compulsion. It is communism." (Bruce R. McConkie, The Millenial Messiah, p. 65-66)

"Concerning the United States, the Lord revealed to his prophets that its greatest threat would be a vast, world-wide 'secret combination' which would not only threaten United States but also seek to 'overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries' (Ether 8:25). In connection with attack on the United States, the Lord told the Prophet Joseph Smith there would be an attempt to overthrow the country by destroying the Constitution. Joseph Smith predicted that the time would come when the Constitution would hang, as it were, by a thread, and at that time 'this people will step forth and save it from threatened destruction' (Journal History, Brigham Young's Speech, July 4, 1854). . . . The Prophet Moroni seemed greatly exercised lest inour day we might not be able to recognize the startling fact that the same secret societies which destroyed the Jaredites and decimated numerous kingdoms of both Nephites and Lamanites would be precisely the same form of criminial conspiracy which would rise up among the gentile nations in this day. The strategems of the leaders of these societies are amazingly familiar to anyone who has studied the tactics of modern communist leaders. The Lord has declared that before the second coming of Christ it will be necessary to 'destroy the secret works of darkness . . ' in order to preserve the land of Zion--the Americas (2 Nephi 10: 11-16). The world-wide secret conspiracy which has risen up in our day to fulfill these prophecies is easily identified. President Mckay has left no room for doubt as to what attitude Latter-day Saints should take toward the modern 'secret combination' of conspiratorial communism . . ." (Ezra Taft Benson, CR, Oct 1961, p. 69-75)

"President McKay has called Communism the greatest threat to the Church today." (David O. McKay, CR, Priesthood Session, April 9, 1966)

"The conflict between communism and freedom is the problem of our time. It overshadows all other problems." (David O. McKay, CR, Oct. 1959)

"We call upon all church members completely to eschew communism. The saftey of our divinely inspired Constitutional government and the welfare of our Church imperatively demand that Communism shall have no place in America. . . I must say I do think the Communist conspiracy is one of the greatest menaces in history." (David O. McKay, 1st Presidency Message, Statements on Communism and the Constitution of the United States, 1964, p. 28)

". . . the Book of Mormon brings men to Christ through two basic means. . . [the second of which is] the Book of Mormon exposes the enemies of Christ. . . God, with his infinite foreknowledge, so molded the Book of Mormon that we might see the error and know how to combat false. . . political. . . concepts of our time. . . Now, we have not been using the Book of Mormon as we should. . . our families may be corrupted by worldly trends and teachings unless we know how to use the book to expose and combat the falsehoods in socialism, organic evolution, rationalism, humanism, etc. . . Our Nation will continue to degenerate unless we read and heed the words of the God of this land, Jesus Christ, and quit building up and upholding the secret combinations which the Book of Mormon tells us proved the downfall of both previous American civilizations." (Ezra Taft Benson, CR, April 5, 1975, when Ezra Taft Benson became the Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints he repeated this talk at least 37 different times, at every Regional Conference he attended, The Regional Representatives Seminar, reprinted as the 1st Presidency message in the Ensign, at talks he gave at different Wards he attended, etc.)

"To all who have discerning eyes, it is apparent that the republican form of government established by our noble forefathers cannot long endure once fundamental principles are abandoned. Momentum is gathering for another conflict--a repetition of the crisis of two hundred years ago. This collision of ideas is worldwide. Another monumental moment is soon to be born. The issue is the same that precipitated the great premortal conflict--will men be free to determine their own course of action or must they be coerced? We are fast approaching that moment prophesied by Joseph Smith when he said, 'even this nation will be on the very verge of crumbling to pieces and tumbling to the ground, and when the Constitution is upon the brink of ruin, this people will be the staff upon which the nation shall lean, and they shall bear the Constitution away from the very verge of destruction.' (July 19, 1840, Church Historians Office, SLC)." (Ezra Taft Benson, The Constitution: A Heavenly Banner, Deseret Book, 1986, p. 27-28)

"I testify that wickedness is rapidly expanding in every segment of our society (see D&C 1: 14-16; 84: 49-53). It is more highly organized, more cleverly disguised and more powerfully promoted than ever before. Secret Combinations lusting for power, gain, and glory are flourishing. A Secret Combination that seeks to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations and countries is increasing its evil influence and control over America and the entire world (see Ether 8: 18-25)." (President Ezra Taft Benson, General Conference, October 1988)

Some Book Of Mormon Passages To Ponder And Study

During his tenure as a General Authority Ezra Taft Benson quoted from Ether 8:23-25 more often than Any other scripture!
The importance of the Book of Ether is highlighted by the following verses:

Mosiah 8:9, 12, 19; 21:27; 28:11,12,17,19
Alma 37:21-32
Helaman 6:26
Ether 1:2; 3:22; 15:33
Insight into the aims, methods, strategy, etc., of Secret Combinations are illustrated by numerous verses among which are these:

Alma 8:16,17; 10:27; 30:6-53; 43:29,45; 47:4,8,18,24,30,35; 48:1,7; 51:2,5-8, 13; 61:4; 62:9-10
Helaman 1:7-12; 2:1-14; 3:23; 4:22; 6:17-41; 7:4-5, 25; 8:1-4,7; 10:6,11; 11:10,26
3 Nephi 1:27; 2:11-12, 17-19; 3:1-26; 6:21-30; 7:1-2; 9:9
4 Nephi 42
Mormon 9:5-6
Insight can be gained by studying the Lamanites claim to legitimate power and authority:

Mosiah 10:12,15
2 Nephi 54:17,24
3 Nephi 3:10
"Behold, I speak unto you as if ye were present, and yet ye are not. But behold, Jesus Christ hath shown you unto me, and I know your doing" (Mormon 8:34-35).

If they say our day, and chose those things which would be of greatest worth to us, is not that how we should study the Book of Mormon? We should constantly ask ourselves, 'Why did the Lord inspire Mormon (or Moroni, or Alma) to include that in his record? What lesson can I learn from that to help me live in this day and age? . . . From the Book of Mormon we see the evils of Secret Combinations portrayed in graphic and chilling reality." (Ezra Taft Benson, CR, October 1986, Ensign, November 1986, pgs. 6-7)

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