Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Commandments of Men

To find the players in all the corruption of the world, "Follow the money." To find the captains of world corruption, "Follow the money all the way."

In my last weblog entry, I said my next entry will give an insight into the foundations of evil from an individual who has been on the inside, and what has been purchased with paper money. I have been having a struggle with what to post on this entry; until it arrived in an email today. The first entry comes from Save the Males. The second ads validity to the first, and details just what has been purchased with paper money. Consider this your sales receipt.

The first item from Save the Males is the article/interview Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy

If you detect the devil's hand in current events, you may be closer to the truth than you think.


The Illuminati are present in every major metropolitan centre in the United States. The Illuminati believe in controlling an area through its: Banks and financial institutions (guess how many sit on banking boards? You'd be surprised) Local government: guess how many get elected to local city councils? Law: children are encouraged to go to law school and medical school. Media: others are encouraged to go to journalism school, and members help fund local papers.

The Illuminati has planned first for a financial collapse that will make the great depression look like a picnic.

The United States has been divided up into seven major geographical regions. Each region has localities within it that contain military compounds and bases that are hidden in remote, isolated areas or on large private estates.

Next there will be a military takeover, region by region, as the government declares a state of emergency and martial law.

About five years ago, when I left the Illuminati, approximately 1% of the US population was either part of the Illuminati, sympathetic to it, or a victim of Mind Control (and therefore considered useable).

The national council consists of influential bankers with OLD money such as: The Rockefellers, the Mellon family, the Carnegie family, the Rothschild family etc.

Russia will be the military base and powerhouse of the group. China will also be considered a higher power than the US. But the real power will reside in Europe.

The UN is a preparation, but it is not the real power in the world, and will be relatively unimportant when the NWO comes into being.

The conflict in the Middle East is only to the advantage of the Illuminists. They HATE Israel, and hope one day to see it destroyed, and are biding their time. At the same time, the Illuminati covertly supply guns and funds to BOTH sides to keep the conflict fuelled.

These people love the game of chess, and see warfare between nations as creating an order out of chaos.

The Freemasons and the Illuminati are hand in glove. The group helped create Freemasonry as a "front" for their activities.

CIA FBI are all infiltrated. So are Mormons etc. The Mormons affiliated years ago in a meeting with Illuminati leadership in the 1950s. The same with the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Russia was never really a threat to us. Marxism was funded by the Illuminati, and espoused as a counterbalance to capitalism. The Illuminati believe strongly in balancing opposing forces, in the pull between opposites. They see history as a complex chess game, and they will fund one side, then another, while ultimately out of the chaos and division ..., they are laughing because they are ultimately beyond political parties. A top western financier will secretly meet with an eastern or Russian "adversary" during those years, and have a good laugh at how the "sheep" were being deluded.

There is a lot of discontent in the ranks, and there would be a mass exodus if the members believed it were really possible to get out (and live).

The image in the community is all-important to an Illuminist; they will do anything to maintain a normal, respected facade, and DESPISE exposure. These are well-respected, "Christian" appearing business leaders in the community.

They know that TV is a tool that they purposely use to influence "the masses". It cannot create a total personality change in the average citizen, but it can desensitize us increasingly to violence, pornography and the occult, and influence the perceptions of young children.

The evidence is there, but the average person does NOT want to know, and even when confronted with it, will look the other way. In fact, how can a person face the fact of great evil in mankind, unless they have either a strong faith in God, or are faced with insurmountable evidence? We as human beings want to believe the BEST of our race, not the worst.

The Illuminists don't care who prints this stuff, or if they are "exposed" because they are counting on the majority not believing it, having done a pretty good job with a media blitz campaign (seen any articles in Newsweek or Time lately that addresses this other than as a laughable conspiracy theory? Guess who owns Time-Warner?).

Their arrogance is their weakness. These people think they are untouchable, and this could make them careless. If by a miracle, enough people took this SERIOUSLY and started organizing in some way to stop the Illuminati take over, with prayer and God's guidance, perhaps they could be stopped. Stopping pornography and child prostitution and drug smuggling and gun running would take out a huge chunk of their profits. Maybe they would slow down. But honestly, stopping the above would be as difficult as stopping the group.

The good news is that if a person is debt-free, owes nothing to the government or credit debt, and can live self sufficiently, they may do better than others. I would invest in gold, not stocks, if I had the income. Gold will once again be the world standard, and dollars will be pretty useless (remember after the Civil War? Our money will be worth about what confederate money was after the collapse).

The second item comes from The Perfect Economy. The article is the commandments of men.


...If mankind ever re-achieves the objects of the founders, the only truthful historians will note how America, entering the third millennium, personified a strange enigma: while voting "for the lesser of two evils," America persistently elected greater evil; by conceding principle after principle to corruption, America fell to ever greater corruption, while forfeiting control of its very own destiny, even when every natural object of every citizen was falling out of reach by corruption; and all the while, instead of returning to principle, Americans yet conceded regularly amongst themselves, that if ever again they could be blessed by a leader who truly stood for the inalienable right of the people, he particularly, would never, by some undeclared adverse entity, be allowed to succeed but to the fate of John F. Kennedy.

...This latter, regular, long enduring rumination, itself depicts an America haplessly hoping to look away from its decline under utterly corrupt government, as if either no solution can exist, or reason sufficient to ensure just and proper government, constantly and without exception conducted in concurrence with the true interests of the people, cannot be a common property of America the community. Instead, individually and divisively, America, haphazardly voting for the hope of the self, elects the enemy of all — likewise another empty soul, seeking the immediate benefits of the self (and thus benefits, if any, to be realized irrespective of America the falling community).

...You have not such leaders as will ever serve you, because you, unlike the illuminated revolutionaries who founded this country, do not stand for every principle vital even to truth, much less to a cohesive, singular, tenable standard of liberty and justice.

...It is our own lack of standard and principle, by which we are ruled by vipers and thieves. America itself, giving rein to them, is the looting ground for untold Kenneth Lays, and their most true and necessary ally, George Bush — each of whom knew their crimes from the beginning. By choosing ever greater evil, America makes itself the fishing pond for the world's worst; and the lies to perpetuate it all become all the greater.

...Now it is ALL one huge lie, from corrupted "consumer price indexes" to purposely falsified employment figures, to blaming the citizen for the multiplication of debt, when we can only borrow what we pay to the thieves in power if we are even to maintain a vital circulation. An "economist" practices an expertise in earning without producing — inevitably at the expense of the rest of us. He is most content when his stealings are great. He has no interest in your keeping your earnings whatsoever, for the very nature of his "work" is an ambition to steal everything he can get his hands on — and you gladly provide for his stealing, by the utterly ignorant ambition that wealth can or should be multiplied beyond any person's production, or all production together (a thing which is impossible BUT BY PRODUCTION). There is no irony whatever in the fact "economists" report the "health" of the "economy" in terms of the magnitude of their latest thefts. "Economists" yet are only one of a multitude of pretended authorities of a conglomerated entity beyond government, purposely looting its people every way it can.

...The principal instrument of that looting is what "economists" call a central bank; and these are the people whose oil you have now produced for them, and whose entirety of purposes you are advancing when you fight their wars for them; when you tolerate the corrupt currency they impose upon you; when you elect their phony figureheads, one after another after another to office, each necessarily more deceitful than their predecessors (if the graft of all together is to be perpetuated while the evidence of all this evil multiplies everywhere about us). To perpetuate every possible graft, every deception possible is imposed on the society, with all of it perpetually purposed to siphoning earnings from the real producers of wealth, even to the degree that this great parasite of every society of the world can suck the entire life blood from the entire world.

A vote for either Bush of Kerry, both members of one of the most influential secret societies today, is a vote to uphold the secret combinations.


Members of Skull & Bones In Guaranty Trust : (Date Initiated)
(A) Harold Stanley (1908)
(B) W. Murray Crane (1904)
(C) Harry P. Whitney (1894)
(D) W. Averall Harriman (1913)
(E) Knight Wooley (1917)
(F) Frank P. Shepard (1917)
(G) Joseph R. Swan (1902)
(H) Thomas Cochrane (1894)
(I) Percy Rockefeller (1900)
Post WWII Partners
(J) George H. Chittenden (1939)
(K) William Redmond Cross (1941)
(L) Henry P. Davison Jr. (1920)
(M) Thomas Rodd (1935)
(N) Clement D. Gile (1939)
(O) Daniel P. Davison (1949)

Guaranty Trust was founded in 1864 in New York. Over the next 100 years the banking firm
expanded rapidly by absorbing other banks and trust companies; in 1910 it merged Morton Trust
Company, in 1912 the Standard Trust Company and in 1929, the National Bank of Commerce. The
J.P. Morgan Firm has effectively controlled Guaranty Trust since 1912 when Mrs. Edward Harriman
(Mother of Roland and Averell Harriman) sold her block of 8,000 shares of the total outstanding
20,000 shares to J.P. Morgan. By 1954 Guranty Trust had become the most important banking
subsidiary of the J.P. Morgan Firm and since 1954 the merged firms have been known as Morgan
Guaranty Company.

Members of Skull & Bones in Brown Bros., Harriman (Formerly W.A.Harriman)
(A) W.A. Harriman (1913)
(B) E. Roland Harriman (1917)
(C) Ellery S. James (1917)
(D) Ray Morris (1901)
(E) Prescott Sheldon Bush (1917)
(F) Knight Wooley (1917)
(G) Mortimer Seabury (1909)
(H) Robert A. Lovett (1918)
Post WWII Partners
(I) Eugene Wm. Stetson, Jr. (1934) (1937-1942)
(J) Walter H. Brown (1945)
(K) Stephen Y. Hord (1921)
(L) John Beckwith Madden (1941)
(M) Grange K. Costikyan (1929)
Partner Not in the Skull & Bones
(N) Matthew C. Brush (32nd Degree Mason)
Members of Skull and Bones & Nazis in Union Banking Corp. : Directors in 1932
(A) E. Roland Harriman (1917) Vice President of W.A. Harriman and Co., N.Y.
(B) Knight Wooley (1917) Director of Guaranty Trust, N.Y. and Dir. of
the Federal Reserve Bank of N.Y.
(C) Ellery Sedgewick James (1917) Partner Brown Brothers and Co. N.Y.
(D) Prescott Sheldon Bush (1917) Partner Brown Bros, Harriman, Father of
Ex-President George Bush
(E) H.J. Kouwenhoven (Nazi) Nazi banker, managing partner of August
Thyssen Bank and Bank Voor Handel
Scheepvaart N.V. (The transfer bank for
Thyssen's funds)
(F) Johann Groninger (Nazi) Director of Bank Voor Handel en Scheepvaart
and Vereinigte Stahlwerke (Thyssen's Steel
The other two members were :
(G) J.L. Guinter Director of Union Banking Corp.
(H) Cornelius Lievense President, Union Banking Corp. and Director
of Holland American Investment Corp.

Established in 1924 as a unit of W.A. Harriman and Co. (A joint Walker, Thyssen, Harriman
operation). The founding partners were George Herbert Walker, Co-founder & sponsor (Grandfather
of George Herbert Walker Bush, Ex-President, on the Father's side. William Averill Harriman and
Fritz Thyssen of the German Steel Trust. The office of Union Banking Corp. was the N.Y. office of
the German Steel Trust.

There you have it, The Financiers of Adolf Hitler & The USSR!


There are alternatives. I will be voting for Lawrence Rey Topham for President. I do not know of any other individual who has, in an official capacity, honored the oath of office.

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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