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From NTP:

Neo-Tech Advantage #83

The purpose of each individual human life is to prosper and live happily. Anyone can achieve that prosperity and happiness when free of force, fraud, or coercion by others.
The Neo-Tech Constitution forbids initiatory force, threat of force, or fraud by any individual, group of individuals, or government. No other law or rule is needed for a moral, rational society.

Forbidding initiatory force and coercion is the only political law compatible with the prosperity and happiness of human beings. Thus, the Neo-Tech Constitution leaves everyone with the conditions for prosperity and happiness. No other constitution or laws are needed or valid.

The Neo-Tech Constitution stated below obsoletes the constitutions of all nations:



The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily. The function of society is to protect those conditions that let all individuals achieve prosperity and happiness. Those conditions can be delivered by a constitution that prohibits the use of initiatory force or coercion by any person, group, or government against any individual:

The Constitution

Article 1: No person, group of persons, or government may initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against the person or property of any individual.
Article 2: Force may be morally and legally used only in defense against those who violate Article 1.
Article 3: No exception shall ever exist to Articles 1 & 2.

The Neo-Tech Constitution rests on six axioms:

• Values exist only relative to life.
• Whatever benefits a living organism is a value to that organism. Whatever harms a living organism is a disvalue to that organism.
• The basic value against which all values are measured is the conscious individual.
• Morals relate only to conscious individuals
• Immoral actions arise from individuals choosing to harm othere through force, fraud, deception, coercion -- or from individuals choosing to usurp, attack, or destroy values earned by others
• Moral actions arise from individuals choosing to benefit others by competitvely producing values for them.

How would the Neo-Tech Constitution be enforced? Through (1) self-defense/deterrent forces and (2) organized ostracizing systems...Effective ostracisation is a much more powerful mechanism for justice, restitution, and deterrent than any form of force. And the severest, fully integrated ostracisation can eventually deliver capital punishment through suicide.

Background for The Neo-Tech Constitution

The purpose of human life is to prosper happily. By integrating the human mind with reality, anyone can prosper happily by making one's self increasingly valuable to others. But what keeps most people from doing that -- from fulfilling their own nature? What has kept most people throughout history from experiencing the prosperity and happiness that they are fully qualified to earn?...The answer lies in three words: Force, Mysticism, Neocheating.


Force is the instrument used to usurp or expropriate values earned by others: Directly or indirectly, all initiated force supports stagnated status quo, laziness, and incompetence at the expense of competitive growth, productivity, and ability. Criminals, mystics, neocheaters, governments, and religions use force, threat of force, or fraud to drain life, values, and happiness from the producers and society. But those who live by force or fraud live in discord with reality. They offer nothing to others except dwarfed lives, diminished happiness, and lost values.

Professional mystics and neocheaters depend on force or deception to survive. But, the value producer never needs to use force or deception to prosper.

Once value producers identify the nature of initiatory force, they will reject its use as criminal and harmful under any conditions. From that point on, the value producers can guiltlessly collect their earned prosperity and happiness. And all who have lived by force and coercion will find they can no longer live by usurping values. Instead, they too will have to produce competitive values for others or perish.


Mysticism is defined as: 1. Any attempt to use the mind as a "reality" creating device rather than a reality integrating organism. 2. Any attempt to recreate or alter reality through dishonesty, feelings, non sequiturs, or rationalizations. 3. Any attempt to ignore, evade, contradict, or fake reality. 4. Any creation of problems where none exist.

Mysticism is the tool used by neocheaters to manipulate or hide the force, fraud, or coercion used to usurp power and values from others. Mysticism is used to create specious standards for projecting undeserved guilt onto others. Why? To beguile value producers into surrendering their earned power and values to the value destroyers.


Neocheating is defined as: Any intentional use of mysticism to create false realities and illusions in order to extract values or power from others.
Neocheating is the technique for usurping values, money, power by using mysticism to manipulate others.

Neocheating is the essential technique politicians, clergymen, bogus-job bureaucrats, and white-collar-hoax business quislings use to usurp jobs, power, money, and pseudo self-esteem from others.

The Nature of Mysticism Used by Neocheaters

Mysticism is an evasion of reality that is never supported by honesty or objective reality. Mysticism, the stupidness disease, harms human beings in five ways:

• Mysticism cripples the integration capacities required to accurately understand reality. That accurate understanding is necessary to make decisions competently, to solve problems effectively, and to live competitively.

• Mysticism short-circuits or blocks the mind to prevent unlimited, wide integrations that let one know and understand everything in the universe without limits.

• Mysticism drains one's intelligence, efficacy, and ability to live competitively.

• Mysticism blocks the long-range thinking integrations needed to prosper continuously, love romantically, and live happily.

• Mysticism subjects individuals increasingly to the control of professional mystics and neocheaters.

Mysticism is arbitrary, has no link to reality, and is based on nothing. Thus, mysticism is nothing. Yet, by manipulating rationalizations, non sequiturs, aphorisms, parables, superstitions, modern art, poetry, songs, rock music, chants, slogans, newspeak, quotes, or facts out of context, a professional mystic or neocheater can create illusions to seemingly justify almost any harmful action, including thefts and murder. Such "justifications" are essential for their unjustifiable pillagings of value producers.

Mysticism and neocheating have been used for 2000 years to create illusions that "external authorities" protect the lives of individuals, can solve problems for others, and can provide livings for non-producers. But, in reality, all such "authorities" are merely neocheaters using deception, force, or coercion to extract their bogus livelihoods from the value producers. And those neocheaters are the fountainhead of crimes and human-imposed suffering. Mysticism and neocheating are the main causes of pain and failure among human beings. Mysticism and neocheating are anti-life -- death-oriented. The core of mystics and neocheaters is dishonesty and laziness. Their task is to beguile value producers into supporting the value destroyers.

The Morality of Mystics and Neocheaters

Morality is defined as: Conscious actions that purposely benefit people and society are moral. Conscious actions that purposely harm people and society are immoral. Thus, value destroyers such as mystics, neocheaters, and their agents of force, coercion, and deception are immoral. For, they purposely harm others and society by choosing to usurp values from others rather than produce values for others. By contrast, value producers are moral. For, they purposely benefit others and society by choosing to competitively produce more values for others than they consume.

Mystics violate morality: They harm both their own and every other person's life. They are destructive, silly, immature, childish. By choosing to evade reality, they undermine their ability to identify reality, to think clearly, to produce values, to live happily, to compete honestly -- to survive. As a result, they increasingly transfer responsibilities for their failures onto others. They routinely lay blame and guilt on others for their own problems.

Neocheaters violate morality: They purposely expand their harm by orchestrating mystical illusions to plunder others and society. Moreover, they design their illusions to make themselves appear as innocent benefactors and their victims appear as the guilty malefactors. But the opposite is true: The neocheaters are the guilty malefactors; their victims are usually the innocent value producers. Yet, as long as most people allow themselves to accept those mystical inversions of honesty, the neocheaters will keep pillaging them and society. As a result, such neocheaters always harm society by draining prosperity and happiness from everyone.

Agents of Force violate morality: They purposely harm others by expropriating values through force or threat of force. Moreover, by choosing to expropriate rather than earn values, agents of force destroy their own lives by demolishing their competence, self-esteem, and happiness.

By Contrast

Nonmystics are moral: They accept the responsibility to think and act for themselves in order to produce objective values for others. With a loyalty to honesty, they act in accord with objective reality. They are mature, evolved people who strive to integrate their words and actions with honesty and reality, regardless of anyone's opinions, dictates, wishes, or emotions. As a result, nonmystics always benefit others and society.

Rejecting Losers

Mystics, neocheaters, and agents of force are losers. They are immature, unevolved people with self-arrested character development. They function through dishonesty and deception. For those reasons, they must depend on the producer for survival. But, they resent and envy the producer in knowing that they cannot experience his or her competence and happiness, no matter how much they extract from others. Mystics and neocheaters live unhappy, shrinking lives. Living through huckstered faith enforced by deception or force, they steadily lose respect for honesty, happiness, and the purpose to live. They increasingly move toward failure and death. And often, steeped in envy, they want everyone else to fail and die with them. ...Thus, anyone can benefit by immediately rejecting losers such as mystics, neocheaters, and agents of force.

Free Choice

All people must continually choose between dishonesty or honesty, between laziness or effort, between accepting or rejecting mysticism from both within and without. Accepting mysticism means evading honesty and denying reality in favor of feelings, wishes, or external "authorities". And those consistently choosing mysticism become dependent on others or "authorities" to think for them, to lead them, to neocheat for them. But rejecting mysticism upholds honesty, rejects neocheaters and dependence on them, builds competence and independence, and finally enhances life for everyone.

Four Facts

No one can give another person self-worth or happiness. Yet anyone can achieve those two prime values by (a) producing more competitive values for others than consumed by oneself; and (b) rejecting mystics, neocheaters, and their schemes to usurp power and values from others.

Loyalty to honesty and rationality must replace mysticism in order to harness one's natural power. By remaining loyal to honesty and rationality, a person can (a) disarm mysticism, (b) render neocheaters impotent, and (c) create the conditions that allow personal prosperity and happiness to flourish.

People who resist mysticism from within and reject neocheating from without will gain prosperity and happiness. But others who remain foundering in the seas of mysticism and neocheating will become uncompetitive and lose the values of life.

If everyone were a mystic, human life would end. If everyone were a value destroyer, an agent of force, a neocheater, human life would end. But if everyone were an honest value producer, human life and happiness would flourish beyond imagination.

The Intertwining Dependency of Force and Fraud on Mysticism
Mysticism destroys from within; force destroys from without. Yet, both mysticism and force are unnatural and disposable. Neither are rooted in reality or have any inherent power. Still, all unearned power and expropriated values depend on mystical illusions backed by coercion, force, fraud, or deception. Mystics, neocheaters, and other value destroyers need those illusions to beguile, flimflam, or force values from others. But once that intertwining dependency of mysticism and force is unraveled, the rationalizations crumble and illusions vanish. ...Without their illusions, mystics and neocheaters are powerless.

When value producers understand that intertwining dependency of force and fraud on mysticism, they will stop supporting mystics and neocheaters who live off the efforts of others. Those mystics and neocheaters will then be powerless. Their only means of survival will be to produce rather than usurp values. Once they become value producers, their self-esteems and competencies will soar. And then, they too can evolve into self-responsible human beings who earn their prosperity and happiness.

Abolishing Initiatory Force by Ending Mysticism

The Neo-Tech Constitution forbids initiatory force or fraud. Without force or fraud, mysticism and thus neocheaters become impotent. Without mysticism, force becomes ineffective for extracting values from others. The axioms of the Neo-Tech Constitution are real and cannot be contradicted. They are based on human nature. By contrast, all mystical illusions are capricious and contradictory. They are based on nothing. And that nothingness is why force, fraud, or coercion are required to make others accept the dishonest illusions of mystics and neocheaters. Thus, by forbidding force, fraud, and coercion, the Neo-Tech Constitution vanquishes mystics and neocheaters.

Policies for Ending Mysticism and Neocheating

Most people unknowingly let mysticism have disastrous effects on their lives and society. As throughout history, people unnecessarily accept the dishonesties of mysticism in allowing neocheaters to pillage them materially and spiritually. But, once the mystical illusions are identified and the neocheating hoaxes are rejected, destructive mystics and neocheaters will be powerless because they have no reality-based, earned power. Rejecting mysticism and its dishonesty means rejecting neocheaters and their agents of force. That rejection requires a policy of never knowingly giving values to or doing business with those who live by force, fraud, coercion, or deception. Such people include:

Agents of force who extort values from individuals, businesses, and society.
Bureaucrats and "authorities" who impede the value producer.
Academe, journalists, cartoonists, and media people who purposely distort facts and consciously undermine objective values to sustain pseudo self-esteems and destructive careers.

Quisling business executives and professionals who neocheat and destroy within their own businesses and professions for fake power and unearned livelihoods.
Other mystics and neocheaters who expropriate values while diminishing the prosperity and happiness of others

With wide-spread rejection of mysticism and neocheaters, violations of individual rights become unacceptable, pillaging becomes impractical, and waging war becomes impossible. ...People will then be free to live prosperously and happily forever.

Implementing the Neo-Tech Constitution

People could implement the Neo-Tech Constitution if they voted not for politicians, but, voted only for "The Neo-Tech Constitution". The Neo-Tech Constitution fully meets the responsibility of any government to its citizens. The sole purpose of The Neo-Tech Constitution is to protect individual rights through the abolition of all initiatory force.

The Neo-Tech Constitution not only provides impenetrable armor for individual rights, but embodies the principles of prosperous living. People one by one will recognize the consummate advantages of The Neo-Tech Constitution. Then, with increasing momentum, those people will reject mysticism and neocheating. Those who do not reject mysticism will be left behind, unable to compete for power, prosperity, and romantic love among the rising army of Neo-Tech value producers.

Just a little food for thought!

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

Good to know about your blog and this on this post #NAME##. A good place to start with mine is neo tech society. Best, Nathan.
Hi Blogger, I've just found your blog. A good starting point for my stuff is neo tech. Nathan
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