Friday, May 14, 2004

A fellow patriot weighs in..

From an anonymous poster on an LDS bulletin board...


I am not a Mormon. I am a ex-catholic, now a Lutheran. Amongst other things, I am a 10-year veteran of the US Army (now disabled), a gunsmith, and a patriot. I am writing this partially because I do not like seeing what has happened to my beloved Republic, and partially because patriots of all stripes must set aside theological and sociological differences and practice solidarity. If we do not, then it will take more than courage to face what's coming.

This country has ceased to be a representative Republic. Starting during the Lincoln administration and continuing to the present day, this country has been dragged, a bit at a time, towards a socialist state. This almost uncontested movement towards collectivism has also been paralelled by a degredation in the moral and ethical fiber of this country, hallmarked by:

An out of control out of wedlock birth rate.
The horror of abortion as birth control.
The use of narcotics as a past-time.
The suspension of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 10th amendments to the Constitution at will.
The dumbing down of our schools.
The ceasing of English as our national language.
The myth of 'muliticulturalism'.
The encouragement of our Government for children to spy and snitch on their parents.
The militarization of our police forces.
The violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1876.
The suspension of sovereign property rights.
The usurpation of power by the Judicial branch of the government.
The usurpation of individual state's power by the Federal Government.
The disarmament of the citizenry.
State schools that program our children to accept all these evils as normal.

There are others, some just as important, but in the interest of brevity, I leave them out. You are smart enough to know what they are, anyway.

What all this means, is that the United States is headed down the same slippery slope as all great civilizations have before. Ancient Rome was paralelled by almost the exactly the same ailments before it fell. That took over 300 years to happen. We have accomplished the same thing in 30. Our population is being polarized into different 'tribes' that are being encouraged to think of themselves as their tribal designator first, and an American second (African-american, European-American, Asian-american, ad nausium), all of which look to our government as some sort of great father figure, and we squabble for the handouts.

Additionally, the uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens (now referred to by the politically correct crowd as 'non documented immigrants') have pushed back our real borders and push them back farther each year. Anyone who doubts this need only look to Dade County, Florida or anywhere along the southwest border. These same illegals fleeing their own countries have caused an artificial oversaturation of workers, driving down wages, limiting employment opportunities for real americans, increasing crime and decreasing the amount of americans in any given population. Our border means nothing.
Ancient Rome built Hadrian's Wall in England, not to stop an invading army, since manning a 30 mile long wall would not only be a drain of manpower, but be futile since any attacking army could easily overwhelm any point along the wall, but to keep out alien cultures. The Romans had their wall, and we have ours, only ours extends from Brownsville, TX to the Pacific ocean. It didn't work then, and it won't work now.

New immigrants to this country are taught not to assimilate into our culture, but to force our culture to accomodate them. It is almost impossible to conduct daily business, gain employment or even understand 'fellow' americans if you do not speak a language other than english anymore. Multiculturalism is a sham. All cultures are NOT equal, no matter what present PC dogma preaches. The culture that cracked the genetic code, put a man on the moon, wiped out polio, developed nuclear energy, and almost singlehandedly developed every significant scientific advance of the industrial and information ages is not on equal footing with the cultures of foreign lands where women are ritually mutilated or where bug paste and rice is considered a fine meal.

This country is headed towards a crisis not seen since The Terror after the French Revolution two centuries ago, fueled by behavior encouraged, paradoxially, by our very own government. The only things, I believe, standing in the way of this coming horror, is the moral and ethical capital built up by previous generations of Good Men in this country, and a heavily armed populace.

Churches are under heavy attack almost daily. Admitted, some of this was brought on by their own actions, but it does not change the fact that various religious institutions have been under attack for decades. Something Mormons can appreciate, I think.

The traditional nuclear family is dying. Not dead yet, but on its' way out. Single parent households are now the norm more than the exception, and hedonistic behavior is being touted as something to be desired, instead of abhorred.

Respect for the Rule of Law is corroding, mostly at the hand of our very own government. When the government ceases to act according to the letter of the law they insist that we live our lives by, loss of respect is virtually guaranteed. Burning and killing outright men, women and children under the color of law is evil, no matter what the AG of the United States says.

Do not think of me as a conspiracy theorist. I do not see black helicopters hovering in whisper mode outside my window, or think Elvis and JFK are running a surveillance operation on my family in conjunction with the CIA. I just read history. The conclusions I have come to are not hard to reach, one just needs to read history, know human nature and have a working knowledge of how socialists and evil men think.

This country, I think, has one of two options available to it at the present time: Either one of the two political parties currently vying for control of the destiny of the United States needs to: Wake up, start restoring the rights that have been stripped from us for so long, recognize that the government is the servant of the people and not the other way around, drastically decrease the size of the US government and streamline what little is left, or;

There will be a Civil War in this country the likes of which have never been seen.

I do not wish for this to happen with all my heart. I pray to God that He intervene and stop it from happening. I do not want my son to see it, if it be during his lifetime. I do not advocate anything close to starting a shooting war on American soil, given what happened last time. I still hold out hope that we still have some real vestige of strength to enable us to overcome the inertia that hurls us ever closer to the brink. But history is not on our side. I am afraid of exactly two things in this mortal world: God Almighty and anything happening to my family. But this scares me beyond words.

America is the greatest country the world has ever seen, but we have only limited time here. Maybe we burn too brightly, and thus will last only half as long. I wish all of you and your families good luck, good fortune and may God watch over all of you.


Anyone wishing to research why civilization rises and falls, may use this link to a very comprehensive study on the subject:
[link=http://www.ourcivilisation.com newwindow]www.ourcivilisation.com[/link]

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