Friday, August 13, 2004

David Goodyear asked: Is it "half past Claire Wolfe time" where you live?

Well geeze, let me check……

Here in Utah:

There are 104 vacancies in the Legislature; 75 vacancies in the House of Representatives, 29 vacancies in the Senate.

In the Executive Department we have the following vacancies: Governor, Auditor, Treasurer, Attorney General, and all appointive offices in all three branches of State government are vacant.

In the Judicial Department: 5 Justices on the Supreme Court are vacant. All positions in the District Courts are vacant. All the offices of Justice of the Peace are vacant but one.

All 28 counties are unorganized, except Salt Lake County is partially organized.

All the cities and towns in 29 counties are unorganized, except Salt Lake City, which is partially organized.

Thats a lot of unnofficial misconduct!

76-8-203. Unofficial misconduct.
(1) A person is guilty of unofficial misconduct if he exercises or attempts to exercise any of the functions of a public office when:

(a) he has not taken and filed the required oath of office;

(b) he has failed to execute and file the required bond;

(c) he has not been elected or appointed to office;

(d) he exercises any of the functions of his office after his term has expired and the successor has been elected or appointed and has qualified, or after his office has been legally removed; or

(e) he knowingly withholds or retains from his successor in office or other person entitled to the official seal or any records, papers, documents, or other writings appertaining or belonging to his office or mutilates or destroys or takes away the same.

(2) Unofficial misconduct is a class B misdemeanor.

Don't beleive me? Before you label me as a wacko, go to the Recorders Office and check the Oaths of Office for yourself. Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko.

Gosh, doesn't it make you wonder who is running this little horse and pony show here in Utah? Is government in the State of Utah a racketeering influenced corrupt organization?

We have almost compete failure of Constitutional government in Utah, and as for the rest of the United States? Well, in case you haven't noticed, they threw the Constitution right out the window!

On one side of the copper/nickel clad coin, we have anarchy. On the other side, we have tyranny. A Constitutional Republic is the balance between the two. So, where does that leave the State of Utah? Oh, I guess about 75 percent of the way down the road to tyranny….just a little past half past Claire Wolfe.

Think about it. Who is going to defend our unalienable rights? Our state and local police forces which receive federal funding?

Yea right..... and I’m Santa Clause.

It seems to me it's time to Assume the Interposition Now!

Similarly, the powers assumed in Title 12, “Banks and Banking” are a far stretch from the power “to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states.”. The Supreme Court has stated that regulating commerce among the states means between state lines and not within a state. And there certainly is no delegated power to charter a private monopolistic cartel of bankers like the “Federal Reserve System” to which we are indentured today.

We now have lawless, unaccountable federal courts whose officers dictate according to their whims of power and a criminal justice system that is more criminal than the criminals they prosecute.

The human problem is simple and repeatedly results in our current condition: Good people are only willing to do good things to try and stop bad people. Bad people are quite capable of enduring all the good things good people do to try and stop them. And bad people are quite willing to do bad things in order to get whatever they want. Good people are not willing to do the bad things that are necessary to stop bad people from doing bad things to them. So bad people end up ruling over good people who only do good things to try and stop them. This will remain a fact of life until good people are willing to do the bad things that are necessary to stop bad people.

Unfortunately, most individuals don’t have a clue what majority rule is. They think it means democracy, and we all know where that leads..... don't we? In all of history, there has never been a deomcracy that didn't fall to gimme socialism. So I think David was right when he said "the time" may be at hand.

Whatever road we have chosen to follow, we can always turn back. The last thing I want to see is a shooting war, but.....

The day of decision is upon us. We must retrace our way to that place where we missed the road to our salvation. We do not belong on this road to serfdom that leads to a land where men sell their soul for what they call security, but which turns out to be a nightmare in which man is a lost soul without a home. Instead, we belong to a land where individuals act on their own individual authority and harness their own nature to ensure freedom and liberty -- in futurity, for themselves, and all who follow.
-Ron Robinson Friday, October 17, 2003

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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