Monday, August 09, 2004

New Discoveries

I found another Utah blogger via Claire and Bill. I put The Militant Libertarian on my blogroll.

By the way, for those of you who care AND for all government agents in attendance: my name is Aaron Turpen and I reside in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. I'm on all the government lists anyway...

Nice to have some company on the government lists. Seems I got on them when I was blogging the gold and silver issue hard....Secretary of Transportation, Commander of the Navy, Homeland Securtiy, U.N. organizations in London and Switzerland, to name a few. They can't stand reality; it really puts a cog in the wheels of their HOAX.

Somehow I got on the email list for PINR Dispatch. (Good spam) News is emailed on a daily basis, and it is mighty interesting stuff! I have added a link titled News from Iraq just below the Cost of the War in Iraq counter. Here's just a couple of news feeds I got today:

Abuse claims rock Iraqi regime
By AP correspondents in Portland, Oregon
August 09, 2004

The soldiers, members of the Oregon National Guard, reportedly intervened to stop the abuse, but were ordered to back off and return the prisoners to their Iraqi jailers.

The corporate invasion of Iraq
Nicole Colson
August 6, 2004

THERE’S ANOTHER invasion taking place in Iraq. But this time, it’s not the U.S. military moving in--it’s Corporate America. And it was all set up courtesy of outgoing former U.S. overseer, L. Paul Bremer.

AND...You should think twice before vaccinating you children!

AUTISM-MERCURY LINK APPEARS TO BE ESTABLISHED attempted cover up by the U.S. Government is suspected.

The Government has attempted to "SEAL" public documents that proved the dangers of thimerosal and attempted to insert a last minute provision in the Homeland Security Bill that would make it all but impossible to bring legal suit against the companies responsible for this international tragedy.


link to autism lead British government to scrap vaccine containing mercury.

It's pretty damned tough to sit on my thumbs with all this Neo-Con excrement flying around. It STINKS! Of course, it's a little more bearable if you bury your head in the sand.

First, they came for the children.

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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