Thursday, September 23, 2004

FBI's Anti-Terror 'October Plan'

FBI field offices and Homeland Security agencies will be advised of "extraordinary measures" that will go into place "beginning the first week of October through the elections."

Specifically, the plan calls for "aggressive - even obvious - surveillance" techniques to be used on a short list of people suspected of being terrorist sympathizers, but who have not committed a crime. Other "persons of interest," including their family members, may also be brought in for questioning, one source said.

And I’m Santa Clause. No REALLY… I really really am Santa Clause; Trust me!

An internal e-mail advisory to supervisory agents this week from the FBI's "'04 Threat Task Force" said the purpose of the counter-offensive is "to foster the impression that law enforcement is focused on individuals who may be a threat."

OK…Alright already! I lied. Ashcroft is Santa Clause, and he’s making his list and checking it twice. He’s gonna find out who’s naught or nice….

Rather interesting. See B.S. wouldn't lie, would they? And I thought I had 40 days left. Silly me! I should have know they would need to verify the list of people to pick up ahead of time so the internment goes smoothly.

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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