Thursday, September 09, 2004

Judas Goat

Based as it was to some degree on the precepts of the first republic the world ever saw – Solon's Republic in ancient Greece – the Founding Fathers of the United States took one of history's boldest steps. Not only did many die in pursuit of freedom and liberty, but for the first time in history, a nation was established with the intention of embracing all nationalities within its borders. Emigrants were welcomed from many nations, diverse religious backgrounds, and racial groupings.

In practice, it has been far from a perfect experiment, and yet, because of that revolution, millions of people who were living in oppressed dictatorships or intolerant societies, have been able to seek and make better lives for themselves.

Politically, the US has strayed far from that republican ideal, which was intended to enable all citizens to have a say in the process of government. In Solon's time, as Archon of Greece, he established local, regional, and national forums of government, under which no single individual could become an incumbent, for he knew well the corruption and manipulation of the masses that inevitably resulted from the centralization of power (both economic and political) in the hands of bankers and the international traders of the time.

The US Constitution and Bill of Rights were intended to ensure that these lessons from history would be enshrined in a new form of government, "of the people, for the people, by the people." Power was to be vested in the people – not in a centralized government. But, in truth, that is exactly what has finally happened. The Federal Government, aided and abetted by today's multinationals and international banking fraternities, has progressively taken unto itself exactly the powers which – according to some of the Founding Fathers – it was never intended to have.

For this reason, there now exist within the US groupings of seriously disaffected US citizens. Whether we label them patriots, or militia, or Constitutionalists, their objections to central government are much the same. They perceive their federal politicians as their forefathers once perceived the King of England – as tyrants. Their common criticism is that the Federal Government has lost sight of the spirit of the pure republic, in favor of the power and control it can wield under the guise of democracy.

And now, they fear those same politicians are embracing the thought and act of giving away America's hard won independence to unelected officials in the United Nations.

Little wonder then that some of these groups would like to see another revolution.

But any such plans have little or no chance of success. Especially if the UN concept of global governance comes to fruition, because under its self-created mandate, spuriously claimed to be derived from "public demand," no-one, anywhere, will be free to take such measures against tyranny. Should they try, they will find they have no freedom to disagree with or try to overthrow their rulers, because they will be annihilated by a standing army or ready reaction force controlled by the World Government.

Though it might promise to use such force only in order to preserve democracy, or economic interests, once it is created, the "ready reaction force" will be controlled and unleashed by forces and people over whom the average citizen will have no control at all.

For example, if any one of the 50 united states chose to secede from the Union, it could find itself in the same position as the rebels of Chechnya – except it would not simply be battling the Federal Government; it would also be up against the world's "properly instituted" ready reaction force.
Alternatively, if the militia groups are able to retain their constitutional right to bear arms, and manage to evade the combined push by their own central government and the United Nations to disarm the world's citizenry, they could find themselves staring down the barrels of guns wielded by soldiers from Europe, conscripted to this same UN ready reaction force, whose role under world government is to quash any attempt at revolution.

That aside, there is yet another fundamental of US and world freedom under very serious threat. If this World Government imposes
controls on the Internet, there will be no more freedom of speech – even in the United States, where freedom was enshrined in the American way of life because of the courage of one man.

There is no evolutionary purpose to a human species that has allowed itself to become a herd of sheep to be oppressed and financially cannibalized by its own kind. When technology, commercialism, globalism, materialism and freedom of thought, speech, political affiliation and religion are completely dictated by others, there is nothing left for the mind to achieve, ponder, contemplate or create.

There is no viable future for such a flock.

Finally, it must be said, if one reads
this report in depth, (and learn what a "Judas Goat" is...) that we are indeed far down the road toward global control.

But at least we have left behind the rhetoric about "One World Order."
Instead, "we the people" are allowing ourselves to be led toward total "Global Governance" - by a Judas goat.

Martial law may be declared on November 1, 2004. (Click: Foundations are in place for martial law in the US) The financial markets will inevitably collapse. The slaughter has already begun.

You see, it's not to early to shoot the bastards. It may already be too late!

It’s time to leave this anticivilization behind. I’m not far behind David. I will likely be leaving in November, not necessarily by choice; Rather in my own defense; Pshchological, spiritual, and physical. That's not a lot of time left to sew up the loose ends, but I only need ten seconds to get out of the woods.

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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