Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Red Alert - Days Of Awe

Elite Bankers Now Pulling Plug
On US Economy & Currency!
Final Worldwide Military Prep In High Gear!

Love of Money Newsletter
by Usury, Inc.

Posted: November 1, 2003
Updated: November 4, 2003

Economic Red Alert

Evidence Indicates The USA's Plug Has Been Recently Been Pulled...


Will gold save you?

Prepare For Earth Changes To Begin

Another Kind of Red Alert

Bush & Hitler: Both Fooled "Christian" Nations With Jesus Claims

Beware of Illuminati media posing as "conservative" truth-lovers

The Star of the Queen of Heaven & of Death, America's Star

California Holocaust, cont.: Charred Bodies Before He Takes Office!

Occultic Shades Of Illuministic War

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01. Nov. 2003 Red Alert - Elite Bankers & Media Now Pulling Plug On US Economy

If in Heaven we don't meet, I hope we both enjoy the heat!

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

P.S. Little bird says...

Date: Wed Aug 11, 2004

As for what is happening, there are many significant
things happening, though I understand that most people
might not know of, understand, or take notice of these
things. Nothing earth shattering, of course, not yet.
However I will give the example of the finances. In
1929, all the major families pulled out of the stock
market, American currencies, etc. In fact, it is an
often told story of a Rockefeller visiting the Kennedy
family and telling Joe to pull out all his money from
the stock market. This was only a few months before
the crash. This is precisely what is happening now.
All the major families/people are currently pulling
out or have pulled out. One prime example is Warren
Buffett, who recently took 27 Billion of his securites
and American moneys and put it into foreign
currencies. Things are moving along as planned. It
just is a matter of time till these things are
fulfilled. I am just glad that they will fall into
their own trap and tumble with the rest of everyone
else so that the Lord can take over and get His work
done. Of course that last sentence is my own
conjecture and opinion.

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