Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Russian Bank Run

Dear America, the lines of panicked people outside closed Russian banks will shortly be seen across your fruited plains! Ironically, part of the Russian crisis is from a growing pile of worthless US dollars, which America is forcing foreign countries to accept at a financially deadly overvaluation. This is called exporting inflation, and for this God will soon judge America, and close her banks. When it comes to sin, what Americans don't know will definitely hurt them. Regardless of whether or not America sees how her sin destroys others - (borrowing or printing worthless dollars) she will still reap the whirlwind!

“Christian walk carefully, danger is near...”

-Usury, Inc. Select... Just the Facts

New bank crisis in Russia? - top 5 Alpha-Bank's ATM machines dry up
The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions - “Russian banking system stands on a verge of a full-blown crisis.”
Bank Crisis 2004: History of the CrisisCentral Bank Blamed For Causing Crisis - this is fascinating: the headline is correct, for the BIS in Basel did indeed cause the crisis - but if you read the article, they spin it completely upside down, because they know the public doesn't understand the BIS system, so the article says the central bank is too “socialist”, and not capitalist enough like Putin. This is really worth a good laugh, for Putin is a very hard-core communist, and is planning to destroy the US soon in a major surprise nuclear attack. He doesn't care for a minute if one Russian company ever makes a profit, or if savings of the people are decimated.

This from Brain Sex

A republic can only properly function on voluntary taxation. This is how you insure limited and only necessary government. The fact that the republic was functioning properly without income, sales, or property taxes is proof of this. This "fair tax" movement is useless and only "window dressing" as long as the Federal Reserve still exists. As long as "the beast" exists, it must have food. You either kill the beast or it's food supply. Since we coexist on that same food supply, you must kill the beast. Read The Federalist Papers. Listen to people like Joe Banister (former IRS enforcement agent). I have attached a .pdf file about taxation written 50 years ago that is still most relevant today. This is the best treatise on taxation I have read thus far that explains just where we went wrong.

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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