Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Washington's Secret Nuclear War

"This is a war crime," Rokke says. "The president is obliged to ensure the army complies with these regulations but they're deliberately violating the law. It's that simple."

Shaheen Chughtai, Aljazeera.net

Tuesday 14 September 2004 - Illegal weapons of mass destruction have not only been found in Iraq but have been used against Iraqis and have even killed US troops.

But Washington and its allies have tried to cover up this outrage because the chief culprit is the US itself, argue American and other experts trying to expose what they say is a war crime.

US President George Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair used Saddam Hussein's alleged possession of illegal weapons to justify invading Iraq. But several prominent jurists hold Bush and Blair guilty of war crimes for waging DU warfare.

Bush's claim that the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) gives DU pollution a clean bill of health is also disingenuous.

"There has to be a moratorium on the manufacture, sales, use and storage of DU," geoscientist Moret says, warning that this will not happen unless more Americans realise what is happening.

Editors note: Wake yourself up, and then wake someone else up!

Meanwhile, WHO says cancer rates worldwide are set to rise by 50% by 2020, although it does not link this publicly to DU.

"They would never say that - they offered various strange explanations," said Moret. "But DU is the key factor. People will slowly die."

Read the entire article here, if you can’t get it here.

Czech Republic, 15 September 2004

Dear AmericanPlease vote in your upcoming elections. It is not enough to remain apathetic and think you cannot make a change. Your country has scattered the earth with radioactivity, called Depleted Uranium. This will cause the slow painful death of all life forms everywhere. The contaminated dust from Iraq finds its way to England via the wind currents and babies in Afghanistan do not deserve to be born with tumours nor do American babies. Please reflect, think, choose wisely the candidate who will look after you and your world which is our world. The results of this election will have massive consequences on the future of this entire planet. Right now Germany is moving nuclear weapons to Israel and with the wrong candidate as President, the US plans to attack Iran. Iran has nuclear weapons. Where I live there are now chemtrails in the skies. This is a poisoning programme of your country. What gives your country the right to spray chemicals on foreign people let alone its own people,you. What you can do is to talk to people, ask questions, tell them you received this message. Above all remember the purpose of life is to learn to love. That is really what it is all about. The "terrorist" wars are about the lack of love and fear propaganda.
Vladimir DostalDr

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