Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Good News/Bad News

I have good news and bad news today.

The good news is, the Saviour is on his way. (Thank God)

The bad news is... he's really, really, REALLY upset with us!


Now, lets see. Where did I put that asbestos suit......

The Next Steps

Received via cyberspace from my alter ego...

Essential maneuvers
to forestall Armageddon

By John Kaminski

Of course, far too few people comprehend the depth of the decay, the advanced state of the disease. When you willingly and happily participate in a program meant to deceive and destroy you, it is doubly difficult to first realize and second admit you've been had.

Then, when you finally do realize and admit your future has been rendered substantially dimmer by a small group of utterly conscienceless rich white men whose demented, inbred families have ruled the whole world from behind the scenes for probably five hundred years and maybe much longer, and you turn to the authorities you trust for protection from this suddenly discovered psychological tsunami, you learn another hard lesson. They are not on your side.

The real purpose of the police is not to protect the public, it is to protect the bankers and politicians who quite literally own the public, especially when that astonished and outraged populace realizes it has been betrayed, and attempts to turn on its keepers. The cops and the judges and the senators and the mayors will not be on your side, because they derive their authority as well as their affluence from the perverse plunderers who seek to wring every last penny from the hapless human herd they control and manipulate.

That is also the purpose of foreign wars, to keep the public distracted from noticing the crimes that are taking place right before their eyes while they enthusiastically cheer their so-called enlightened system and continue to boast they live in the best country in the world.

So, those who are paying at least nominal attention to the malfunctions of the world and the inconsistencies of all these facetious public explanations — that ever-so-small percentage of socially responsible humans — knows what the problems ARE. The question I keep getting — and the words on the lips of those aghast people who want to stop the mass murders and mass poisonings being inflicted in their names, is — what can we do?

Here's what?

• Capture control of the currency.

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