Thursday, December 23, 2004

It Can't Happen Here

Unfortunately, the new intelligence bill passed by Congress two weeks ago moves us closer to an encroaching police state by imposing the precursor to a full-fledged national ID card. Within two years, every American will need a “conforming” ID to deal with any federal agency-- including TSA at the airport. [Ron Paul]

Next year (2005) the Department of Homeland Security (another monstrous waste of money and resources) will begin issuing so called "uniformity regulations" to the sovereign states of the Union requiring that all driver's licenses and birth certificates meet some federal standards along with biometrics "security" provisions. Allegedly all Americans, upon birth, will be issued a social security number. Social security is and always has been a voluntary federal taxing scheme that people can join by applying for a number under the SSA. Social security numbers are not automatically issued to anyone.

How is it then that a person is denied a driver's license because they didn't voluntarily apply for this insidious "social security" number? Because the American people don't know the law, same as 99% of those who serve in the 50 state legislatures. [NWV]

10. The next step the bankers have is a national ID card so they can track your body by a computer chip and satellite and know every transaction you are involved in. The bankers have already created this (in 1994) and are trying to find a way to talk people into this through 9/11 and "Home Land Security." T / F [TW]

Itz comming.

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