Thursday, December 09, 2004

Wake Up Campers!

Playing For Keeps [Tom Paine]

When the chief economist at Morgan Stanley says we have a one-in-10 chance of avoiding economic Armageddon, one tends to take notice. When America's second-largest creditor tells us to get our economic house in order the same week, two points begin to determine a line.

The Bush administration is not interested in rescuing the economy.

Santa, Enemy Combatant [opednews]

Like Freud said, there’s no such thing as a joke...

In a daring midnight raid, FBI and local North Pole law enforcement officials stormed the previously unknown residence of the reclusive elf-master. A local officer was quoted as saying Mr. Clause was in the middle of wrapping boxes, with unknown contents, a sure sign of terrorism-related activities.

Ho ho ho.

Utah Judicature Reformation Movement

Jury Matters

We the people reserve the Right to Meet, Associate, Deliberate, Consider, Review the Law, affirming our belief that Common Law is the Supreme Law of the Land upon which our Constitutions are based to preserve the rights of the people – by following Jury made precedents in the process of arriving at Indictments, rendering verdicts as a lawfully empanelled Common Law Judicature Assembly true law is revealed and another vital check and balance system is restored to keep or our Republic healthy vital and functioning effectively, while still ensuring the rights, liberties and protections exclusively reserved to the people and not to any tyrannical government or their officers.

Utah Constitution

Sec. 10. [Trial by jury.]

In capital cases the right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate.

[Other than the definition for Capital Crime, Capital is also defined as
“the political economy, commerce … either to support the human species or
to the facilitating of production. Bouvier's Law Dictionary : C1 : Page 7
of 124” in which light the Utah Constitution would also seem to bear weight
to the supporting of a similar provision found in the Constitution of the
united states of America.]

Utah Constitution
Article VIII Section 10 Clause 2

…In courts of general jurisdiction, except in capital cases, a jury shall consist
of eight jurors. In courts of inferior jurisdiction a jury shall consist of four
jurors. In criminal cases the verdict shall be unanimous.
In civil cases three-fourths of the jurors may find a verdict. A jury in civil
cases shall be waived unless demanded.

Constitution of the united states of America

7th Amendment

In Suits at Common Law, where the Value in Controversy shall exceed Twenty Dollars, the Right of Trial by Jury shall be preserved and no Fact tried by a Jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any Court of the United States, than according to the Rules of the Common Law. 158

158 That is, these rules are (1) the granting of a new trial by the trial court and a hearing before another jury, or (2) a new jury trial ordered by an appellate court for some error of law committed by the trial court. In brief, no judge of a trial court can substitute his opinion of the facts for that of the jury, nor can an appellate court set aside the jury's findings and make a final order on its own.

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