Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Project Censored has assembled their annual top 25 censored media stories.

Wealth Inequality in 21st Century Threatens Economy and Democracy
Ashcroft vs. the Human Rights Law that Holds Corporations Accountable
Bush Administration Censors Science
High Levels of Uranium Found in Troops and Civilians
The Wholesale Giveaway of Our Natural Resources
The Sale of Electoral Politics
Conservative Organization Drives Judicial Appointments
Cheney's Energy Task Force and The Energy Policy
Widow Brings RICO Case Against U.S. government for 9/11
New Nuke Plants: Taxpayers Support, Industry Profits
The Media Can Legally Lie
The Destabilization of Haiti
Schwarzenegger Met with Enron's Ken Lay Years Before the California Recall
New Bill Threatens Intellectual Freedom in Area Studies
U.S. Develops Lethal New Viruses
Law Enforcement Agencies Spy on Innocent Citizens
U.S. Government Represses Labor Unions in Iraq in Quest for Business Privatization
Media and Government Ignore Dwindling Oil Supplies
Global Food Cartel Fast Becoming the World's Supermarket
Extreme Weather Prompts New Warning from UN
Forcing a World Market for GMOs
Censoring Iraq
Brazil Holds Back in FTAA Talks, But Provides Little Comfort for the Poor of South America
Reinstating the Draft
Wal-Mart Brings Inequality and Low Prices to the World

This is the fundamental fact of American political life:
Ultra-wealthy corporations and banks are the ultimate power behind the U.S. government today.

We want higher wages/salaries. They want to maximize their profits.

We want to pay a reasonable price for gasoline. They want to maximize their profits.

We want to live in decent housing. They want to maximize their profits.

We want to enjoy a clean, unpolluted, unravaged environment. They want to maximize their profits.

We want to eat clean, healthy, non-mutant food. They want to maximize their profits.

We want a genuine democracy, with real candidates to vote for. They want to maximize their profits.

We don't want to exploit and enslave impoverished working people in foreign lands nor drop cluster bombs on innocent children. They want to maximize their profits.


Once again

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power."
-- Benito Mussolini

of American Culture and Politics [freespeech.org]


The Time for Revolution is NOW

It’s time to do something about it. Although massive logistical problems and ad hoc legal procedures need to be developed, this would work, I think. And Thomas Jefferson would like it a lot.
-John Kaminski [freespeech.org]

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