Saturday, March 19, 2005

Utah’s Unofficial Government

A racketeering influenced corrupt organization...

This letter with the Great Seal of the State of Utah says Jon M. Huntsman Jr. is Governor and Gary Herbert is Lieutenant Governor for the State of Utah. The body of the letter says they’re not. Follow this link or copy and paste the link below to view this document.


Dollar catching Asian flu

A separate survey by European-based Central Banking Publications found that 29 of 65 nations surveyed were cutting back on the dollar and 39 were buying more euros. America's annual budget deficit of US$500 billion is largely funded by Asian purchases of US government bonds, mostly from China and Japan. [Asia Times]

Unmined gold reserves rapidly declining. Future price of gold must rise.

Even if a big discovery is made, Bullis said it can take anything between three and 10 years to permit a mine in Canada and the United States, prospective areas where the major miners are looking for gold.

The coming silver accident

At the core of what makes the coming silver accident unavoidable is the immutable law of supply and demand. Supply and demand ultimately governs how all markets function. While some markets, including silver, can be artificially controlled or manipulated in price for long periods of time, eventually such manipulations must end if they are at odds with supply and demand. [Ted Butler’s Archives]

Money Versus Paper

Support continues to build for the proposal by Hugo Salinas to introduce a silver coin into circulation in Mexico.

“I can tell you one thing for sure, I don’t always stop to pick up a peso if I drop it. But I certainly wouldn’t leave a silver ounce lying in the street.”

The Foundation of Natural Law

Of all in existence used to create planet earth, there are three elements the creator incorporated in its foundation to ensure the divinity of man. They are gold, silver, and lead. The first two are essential for a strong foundation; the third to reinforce it.

When the latter becomes more predominant than the former, it is a reliable barometer indicating somebody is removing the former to the detriment of the foundation, and its time to get the lead out.

--Ron Robinson

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