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From - Usury, Inc. (linked on sidebar) Research(Part of Tribworks.com) Last Updated 18. July 2004

Please note: This page is updated each quarter -- if that -- since when documenting the US collapse, month-to-month numbers are irrelevant, and the only ones that really matter are debt, government deficits, and a trashed currency (Money Supply increases, i.e. inflation), all of which now suggest the U.S. is out of control and beyond the point of no return. The data clearly point to total U.S. financial collapse. Since the US government and private households are both already bankrupt (debt not serviceable by income or cashflow, but by taking on more debt to pay debt) - the only question remaining in my mind is when will the doctors kill the patient with their overdoses of lethal debt?

To answer this, you must understand that just as very few economists understand inflation and fiat money, even fewer comprehend the international banking cartel. The Federal Reserve is not American, but a branch of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland, run by the Illuminati, through their errand boys the Knights of Malta. Neither is the Chinese central bank Chinese, but a branch office of the BIS, as well. So the BIS is perfectly willing to gives orders to the office in China to buy debt from the branch in the U.S., even if it means that China will eventually be destroyed by doing so. There is zero competition between central banks, because they are one corporation, run by one board of owners. Their plan is to bring the world into debt through fiat currencies, then yank the carpet from under the entire world, causing a financial catastrophe and panic so great that people will be clamoring for a new system, for the current system (fiat-based capitalism) will be viewed as evil. The system to rise from the ashes of the nearing BIS collapse will also be from the BIS owners, although they remain faceless and nameless, and will therefore step in to offer a solution to the crash which they created. That solution will be one currency worldwide, under a world Communist government. Just as people now are brainwashed and view my warnings as wild fantasies, so also will they be so unprepared for this crash, and will, fully brainwashed, willingly embrace the new brutal system, which will be the end of valued human life as we now know it. In my circles this period is known as the long-promised Wrath of God.

So the answer to the question “when”, is dependent on two issues:

1. the collapse of the consumer - when debts can no longer be serviced by new sources of credit (housing bubble, lower rates), and

2. collapse of US government - when either the drug's efficacy fades (dollar), or the drug's administrators (foreign central banks) can no longer fund the habit and they themselves collapse from a trashed currency (now making headlines in Japan, China). China, Japan, Argentina, Turkey, Asian Tigers, Russia, etc., are all foreign doctors who collapsed to keep the fatally sick patient (US) alive another few months. This is called exporting inflation, and is only possible with an evil system called the BIS, and an equally evil US citizenry who no longer want to know the machinations of good and evil, but rather “at least I got mine.”

Keep in mind, if foreign nations print money like the U.S. to stay abreast of the U.S. currency trashing game, they will collapse, for there is no one to buy their mounds of debt. This is the greatest, but most hidden evil of the U.S. financial system, made possible by citizens who think debt is not a sin, and a central bank is not a great criminal evil.

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