Tuesday, April 12, 2005

When everybody wakes up, hopefully I’ll be in Peru.....

Because I don’t think I want to hang around for a shooting war! I’m not sure there are enough folks left in the good ol USA worth defending. There’s a quote on the News With Views website that just about says it all.....

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury. From that time on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the results that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.

The average age of the world's great civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith from spiritual faith to great courage from courage to liberty from liberty to abundance from abundance to selfishness from selfishness to complacency from complacency to apathy from apathy to dependency from dependency back to bondage."
-- Alexander Fraser Tytler (1742-1813)

And when they do finally wake up, in the midst of an economic depression that will make the 30’s look like a walk in the park, I’m not sure there’s anything anyone can do given the state of deterioration our republic has undergone. Most folks don’t even realize our republic has been turned into a democracy, that democracies always fall to gimme socialism, and waking up my countrymen is about as easy as moving Mount Everest one foot to the left. With a teaspoon! This slavery thing just isn’t cutting it anymore.

But while you are over at the New with Views website, look up Edwin Vieira Jr. There are a couple of articles I think everyone in the country ought to read, so check them out and pass them along if you can find anyone who hasn’t given up their mind. People like to listen to external authorities, and this guy has four degrees, so perhaps they would listen to him rather than a little guy like me with no credentials. Vieira is one of the foremost authorities on constitutional money, and the gentleman I voted for Vice President of the United States of America, although that’s not one of his aspirations.....


Time runs out for every one and every thing. The sand in the hourglass is draining particularly quickly, though, for America's present monetary and banking systems. One need not be a bloodhound to sniff the scent of crisis in the air.

Read the entire article using this link.


Time runs out for every one and every thing. The sand in the hourglass is draining particularly quickly, though, for America's present monetary and banking systems. One need not be a bloodhound to sniff the scent of crisis in the air.

Therefore, if before a monetary and banking crisis breaks out Americans cannot remove the individuals who befoul the offices of the General Government, they must find other ways--always, of course, within the Constitution--to protect themselves and their country while there still may be time.

Follow this link to read the article.

Fat chance!

The sad thing is, the more I move towards actually doing something to bring a political and judicial system corrupt beyond constitutional recognition to an accounting, the more I am caste out from this anticivilization that leads to the death and destruction of everyone on the planet. I can’t save anyone, so perhaps I had just better concentrate on saving myself because most of my countrymen are asleep at the switch. Unfortunately, there isn’t all that much time left before this once great nation goes right down the drain. Then people will wake up. But when it happens, like Vieira says, I’m not sure there is going to be anything anyone is going to be able to do about it. The courts certainly aren’t going to be on your side. All the judges are paid in Federal Reserve Notes, not the gold and silver coin specified in the Constitution, so don’t expect them to bail out of the ponzi scheme when they’re so close to the top of the pyramid. We’re not using gold and silver coin anymore, if you haven’t noticed. We’re not using the Constitution either.

It seems that all those who took advantage of the big tax breaks from buying one of those big gas guzzling SUV’s are about to find out their big tax break is about to get wiped out by the rising price of gas needed to get around, not to mention the cost of everything associated with transportation that go up. Like food, for one example. Not only is GM going to be wiped out by the rising interest rates, Ford isn’t going to be able to sell those gas guzzling pigs anymore now reality sets in, because everyone is thinking about fuel economy. DUH! All those fuel efficient imports are all of a sudden looking a little more attractive. Gosh, I sure hope those folks have a competitive alternative on the drawing board, because it takes five years from the drawing board to production.

It reminds me of 1973, when all of those wise career politicians decided it was a good idea to set a pollution standard on an automobile scheduled for production in 1978. The cars subject to the standards were already designed, and it takes 5 years to get them to production, so the only alternative was to add a catalytic converter to clean up the dirty engine that couldn’t compete with Honda, who met the standard for 1978 with a stratified charge engine in 1973, putting the good ol USA 10 years behind our Japanese competitors because of the cost of stockpiling catalytic converters. But as always, if you follow the money, the pieces of the puzzle start snapping into place.

Anyone know what make a catalytic converter work? Try platinum. Ever try to get back the converter from the muffler shop when you have to have it replaced? You can’t, thanks to the lawmakers who make sure it gets sent back to be recycled. Know who control all the platinum? Check out Rothschild. Pretty smart cookie eh? Sell it, get it back for nothing, thanks to those good old “worker bee” career politicians, and sell it again! Are you starting to get the picture about who really runs our purported government? The United States no longer has constitutional government. Somebody else is running it. Anyone figured it out yet? Too late for the sheeple though. By the time they figure out what happened, most will have been knocked down so hard they will never get back up!

Oh and you thought communism was dead? Ha, the American people won’t even listen to the scientists anymore. Global warming is a communist hoax used to destroy our industrial base, if you haven’t figured it out yet. And you thought communism was dead! By the time most figure out what happened, they won’t have a clue as to how to break the chains that bind them, and all the tree huggers can kiss the feet of the hand that feeds them. Enjoy all those GM modified foods you little green sheeple! But hey, they’ll be plenty of FRN’s. They’re green like salad. They don’t taste real good, but with a little blue cheese dressing they might be palatable.

But just for fun, for anyone who thinks I’m a complete goofball, lets take a look at how the funny money game is played, and how every move your unconstitutional unofficial career politicians make these days puts us further out on thin ice. If you got the stomach for it, and you have plenty of blue cheese dressing, try the following......

Oil for dollars, and dollars for US deficit
By Richard Benson

As a loyal American, one would like to cheer one's government's deft move to pick the pockets of our trading and financing partners. Moreover, the US gets the Arabs to fund a large share of our deficit, subsidize our interest rates, and help keep our taxes low for another year. Surely I can afford to buy another gas-guzzling sport-ute, get a rifle, and wave a flag. [Asia Times]

But for me, it’s starting to look like the best place to watch the fireworks is from Peru. It’s getting difficult to even justify time spent writing a blog these days. Deaf dumb and blind people can’t read anyway, and if preaching to the choir doesn’t produce anything, and if I’m not being productive, I’m not a happy camper! But what sense does it make to even have a choir if there isn’t an audience?

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