Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Free people don't fear their servant...
I do not wish the American people to engage in a random "shooting of the bastards" for its own sake. Rather, we do what free people do: we form a government, we reject all current tyrannical governments, and we back that up with force if necessary. [LizMichael]
The Philosophy of Liberty
Of course, far too few people comprehend the depth of the decay, the advanced state of the disease. When you willingly and happily participate in a program meant to deceive and destroy you, it is doubly difficult to first realize and second admit you've been had.Then, when you finally do realize and admit your future has been rendered substantially dimmer by a small group of utterly conscienceless rich white men whose demented, inbred families have ruled the whole world from behind the scenes for probably five hundred years and maybe much longer, and you turn to the authorities you trust for protection from this suddenly discovered psychological tsunami, you learn another hard lesson. They are not on your side.

Bulletin to all Americans (and whomever else may care to listen): we are well past the point where influencing public opinion is going to stop the people in control of practically the whole world from doing exactly what they want to do.

Tell me true, noble citizen. What ARE you going to do when they come for you? For me there is only one logical answer. Shut down the government NOW, before we no longer have a chance to do it all.

--John Kaminski
Essential Maneuvers To Forestall Armageddon
[Full Text]
Heads up and pay attention: the Department of Homeland Security was created to defend this government from the citizens of the United States because they fear we will find out and we will rise up and cast them from power. It does not defend this nation, you, your family, friends, or loved ones. It defends only the government not from Al Qaeda but from us. They know when Americans figure this out, Americans are going to be way past livid and heads in Washington, DC, are going to roll and butts are going to prison.
--Karl W. B. Schwarz
Pop goes the Bush mythology bubblePart 1: The 9-11 Commission
Online Journal December 4, 2004

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