Sunday, May 29, 2005

Modifications and Fuel Mileage Test

In a previous weblog entry, I posted the results of my experiment with “side gapping” the spark plugs on my 1976 Dodge Motor Home, and adding 2 ounces of acetone to 10 gallons of gasoline.

Yesterday I performed a Highway Mileage test. Here are the results:

Previous mileage: 9 MPG
After modifications: 26.8 MPG

Results of City Driving Mileage:

Previous: 6 MPG
After Modifications: 11.2 MPG

For more information on Acetone as a fuel additive, go here.

I read the above referenced link AFTER performing these modifications, and the reports there on the addition of acetone are mostly positive. My city mileage tests were done with 2 - 50 mile trips between 2 fill ups, with probably 20 minutes of the dreaded gridlock. I am hoping this improves in subsequent tests. My Highway mileage test was based on 110 miles one way, 46 state highway miles, and the rest on the interstate in the evening hours with a moderate gusty cross wind for about 25 miles, and an average speed of 62 miles per hour.

Because I combined “side gapping” and the addition of acetone, I can’t say either way which gave the most improvement in increased mileage. However my increase is substantially higher than those reported at peswiki.com with just the addition of acetone, suggesting the side gapping added an additional 50 percent over and above just the acetone alone.

For one hour labor and 2 copper zinc clad cents per gallon for the acetone, I'd say I got a pretty good bargain! Now, if only I could find a supplier for gasoline who would take my silver for the gas, then I wouldn't have to feel guilty for ripping them off by paying in monetary units of no Thing.

You mileage may vary.


Thanks for the tip, Ron. I'm gonna try it out on my Suburban and our bus, a 1986 Bluebird on a Ford F700 Chassis.

I'll let ya know how it works out.
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