Friday, June 10, 2005

US And Russian Military Special Forces Complete Training for Takeover of Israel Nuclear Complex upon Outbreak of Civil War as American Military Prepares For Overthrow of US Government

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers

Russian Security Analysts are reporting today that this past weeks joint training exercise between both United States and Russian Elite Special Forces Units were a great success, and as we can read as reported by the Itar-Tass News Service in their article titled "Russian-US mil exercises in Bavaria successful" and which says;

"The Torgau-2005 Russian-U.S. exercises were successful and showed that such exercises could be held in the future, both sides said at a press conference on Friday at the south German training ground of Grafenwohr in Bavaria, where the second stage of the training took place. The relationship and cooperation are wonderful, said General Burwell Bell, commander of the U.S. ground troops in Europe and the U.S. seventh army. The Russian and U.S. military associated with each other, deepened cooperation between the ground troops and found new friends, he said. The Russian ground forces' Deputy Commander in Chief Vladimir Bulgakov agreed with the view."

Unknown to the American public though has been their Presidents thorough knowledge and understanding of these events, and to the extreme that he and his advisors have realized that the only way to break the stranglehold of Israeli power over America is to institute a Military Government and to overthrow their present system of government.

Also not being seen by the American public is the strange circumstance that their country is becoming the second civilized nation in the past 100 years to throw off democratic rule in favor of being ruled by their countries Military, with the first circumstance being the Germany people giving all of their power to Adolph Hitler.

All that remains for the completion of the overthrow of the American nations last democratic trappings is the ‘excuse’, and of which we had previously commented upon in our report titled “Chinese Government Admits To Massive Epidemics as World Health Organization Granted Sweeping New Powers over All Nations and Peoples on Earth” and wherein we had stated;

“Lost to these American peoples also was their Presidents signing of an Executive Order authorizing quarantine for the United States when this deadly flu hits their country, and as we can read as reported by the News Target News Service in their article titled “Bush authorizes bird flu quarantine order” and which says, “President George W. Bush signed an executive order on April 1, 2005, authorizing a quarantine to be imposed on the nation in the event of a bird fl outbreak. Bird flu is currently found in Southeast Asia, where it has been contracted by at least 69 people since January of 2004. The current bird flu strain has a mortality rate of 70 percent.”

The significance of the ‘sweeping’ new powers given the World Health Organization, coupled with both the American Presidents signing of the Executive Order and the various American States enacting The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, is that the complete sovereignty of the United States, and its peoples, will be turned over to the World Health Organization, and operating under their laws called the International Health Regulations (IHR), and to which every nation on earth has agreed to abide by.

No longer in effect when these things happen will be their current American laws or their much cherished Constitution. Never in history has such a plan been devised to so effectively, and quickly, destroy the freedoms of so many people.”

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