Sunday, July 10, 2005

False flag over London
By John Leonard

One of the classic trademarks of false flag terror was on display yesterday: the "previously unknown" organization posting anonymously on a website. Of course, western intelligence, using Echelon and such tools, could track any web posting back to its source. If it wanted to. [OnlineJournal]

London is World Terror Headquarters
By Henry Makow Ph.D.

The "War on Terror" is an all-purpose gimmick used to advance the world police state (i.e. "world government") and justify endless war.

In a comprehensive online report,
the perceptive Hawaii-based researcher Peter Goodgame concludes: "Osama bin Laden is not, nor has he ever been, the leader of the international Islamist movement which is directed by the International Muslim Brotherhood."

Goodgame continues: "Osama bin Laden has been used effectively as a figurehead for the Brotherhood's militant branch to take responsibility for its atrocities, but he is not the mastermind... By the same token, the Muslim Brotherhood is a tool by the British-based Globalists whose main objective is to overthrow the established world order and create a new one-world system of global governance."

Who Rules America?

And who are these all-powerful masters of the media? As we shall see, to a very large extent they are Jews. It isn't simply a matter of the media being controlled by profit-hungry capitalists, some of whom happen to be Jews. If that were the case, the ethnicity of the media masters would reflect, at least approximately, the ratio of rich Gentiles to rich Jews. Despite a few prominent exceptions, the preponderance of Jews in the media is so overwhelming that we are obliged to assume that it is due to more than mere happenstance.

See who these people are here.

Greenhouse Hypocrisy

Kyoto treaty shown to be an international wealth transfer scheme disguised as an environmental agreement. [Washington Post]

Antarctic buffers sea level rise
News not popular with those claiming global warming catastophe.

The ice sheet covering the interior of Antarctica is thickening, researchers report in the journal Science. [BBC News]

If a man lies to you once.....

He’ll lie to you a thousand times. [The Smoking Gun]

NBC and NY Times 'Hush Hush' Why WTC Story Never Appeared; Blows Official 9/11 Account Sky High

Most people admit, 9/11 is the 'mother of all stories.' Now from all corners of the globe, conservatives and liberals are mounting a growing campaign to alert the public that the WTC was leveled by a controlled demolition not burning jet fuel like the government contends. [ArticBeacon]


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