Thursday, July 14, 2005

Three World Wars July 13, 2005 Radio Interview

Download a free audio of the July 13, 2005 interview: Dr Gianni DeVincent Hayes Phd & Michael Haupt of ThreeWorldWars.com. 48 minutes, 5.7Mb. (You might want to fast forward past the first 2 minutes as these are introductions specific to the station).

In a wide-ranging conversation, we covered the bigger picture of WW3 and the direction the world might take during the remainder of 2005 and 2006.

Topics: - Occult signature on world events - What occult leaders are planning for us - The mark of the beast and ‘chipping’ - The 3 phases of World War Three - Who the Anti-Christ might be - The involvement of the British Royal Family in current affairs - Satanism and Lucifer - The reason for an imminent invasion of Iran and/or Syria

Michael made some
comments on quotations from Ezra Taft Benson that merit serious consideration. Not because of religious implications, but of facts in common sense reality. His website is one of the best and has been linked on my sidebar for quite some time. Michael offers a fee E-Seminar that I subscribed to, but for some unknown reason I have lost al the links contained in my email account as well as the reports sent. I will post the link when I recover the information. You can follow his weblog here. These are linked on the Sidebar of this blog.

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