Monday, July 18, 2005

The True Federal Budget Deficit Is $880 Billion

It is amazing how brazen the New World Order has become in spreading its economic lies. Really, they have concluded no one actually reads what they write in such doublespeak places like Parade magazine. Parade appears each and every Sunday in most American newspapers and you would think they would at least try not to lie so openly about economic matters. Whether this is desperation, imperial arrogance or stupidity I leave for the reader to decide. All I can say is the hour is much later for America than many of the Sheeple think. The April 10th, 2005 Sunday Parade supplement tells me that for sure. The NWO struts about openly now, with no pretense of pretending anything anymore. The lies always precede the tanks my friend.

Now, what got me going on this tangent were several items in the Sunday Parade. The first was the creation of the "problem", i.e. the "budget deficit" and second the NWO solution offered. On pages 4 and 5 we got the problem and on page 16 we get the NWO solution. We get a one page profile of Arnold's wife, Maria Shriver, the NWO's choice for the next first lady. Arnold's run for Prez began in Parade Magazine on April 10, 2005. Problem, reaction, solution: this is the NWO modus operandi.

An economic collapse is well underway. It is too bad Parade's "investigative reporter" Mr. Wallechinsky didn't investigate that. But then Ted Koppel is quoted as saying, "We don't do investigative reporting anymore." The NWO owns the United States media down to the brie cheese and white wine. $880 billion to the dime is the true Federal Budget Deficit. To the dime.
[Gold Digest]

Housing Bubble: Bankrupting Suburbia

If any Federal Reserve member bank is caught in a downward spiral toward bankruptcy, it is logical that they will make a move to call in all their outstanding loans, including home mortgages. Please take notice that I said WHEN and not IF this crash occurs.

When the time comes that we see banks ready to collapse because of the final destruction of what little is left of the American economy, we will certainly see these same banks begin to call in all types of outstanding loans. They will need to do this to stay liquid themselves, and a home-mortgage holder may find themselves with a letter demanding full repayment of the total outstanding balance within sixty to ninety days. When we find ourselves at that point, it appears that many millions of people will see their homes being foreclosed, all because they were unable to write a check for $100,000 or more.
[The Kentroversy Papers]


First of all, what a great blog site! Also, thank you for the link to my housing bubble article. I have also linked to your blog.

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