Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Guns and Fists Empire

Police forcibly tackling elderly, confiscating firearms and dragging them out of their homes.....

Watch these fat white TOUGH GUYS in action. [Prison Planet]

You have just witnessed the totally pathetic actions of some NWO minions of the Guns and Fists Empire (GAFE) who have given up the ability to think for themselves in exchange for monetary units of no Thing, and whose lives are dependent on the zoo-keepers for their sustenance.

If police officers and soldiers will not enforce tyranny, it will never be enforced!

I understand you can’t eat silver and gold, and while Federal Reserve notes are a little more palatable, the nutritional value is about the same as their monetary value: Zero, excepting that some parts of the pine tree are edible, and there is some intrinsic value of the FRN tied to the cost of production. But that’s beside THE point. The power to stomp us underfoot comes from the central banks. Your paper money has served to forge the chains that bind you.

To re-establish justice, we must eliminate the Federal Reserve which, like FEMA, is a “supposed” agency of the Federal Government, and return to lawful money of the United States. We can petition our career politicians until the sun turns to ice, (Been there, done that) but it avails us nothing to petition criminals and a judiciary corrupt beyond recognition.

Having said that, and after doing what my Boss (a Jewish Carpenter) suggested, I think He will continue to vex the nation, as promised, until we start doing what he wants us to do. Bush LIED about God speaking to him. And because you all believed him and followed him into Iraq, you are now all damned for breaking four of the ten commandments you are so eager to see plastered on the walls. You all gave your consent to murder. You all gave your consent to stealing Iraq's wealth. You all gave your consent to coveting Iraq's wealth. You all gave your consent to bearing false witness against Iraq. If you truly believe that your God sends hurricanes where he will, then take a lesson from the fact that they are hitting the United States and not Iraq.

To establish justice, we should march on Fort Knox, not Washington, then coin the bullion and put it into circulation.

But that will probably never happen because the People, as a whole, are running away from the Constitution and headlong into the GAFE Zoo. As long as there are police and military minions who are willing to do the bidding of the zoo-keepers, there’s probably not much you are going to be able to do about it.

A person would be wise to store their wealth in silver and gold while there are still some folks willing to exchange it for worthless pieces of paper, and it might be wise to diversify into steel and lead. Those who are unable to figure it out might want to invest in asbestos, but I don’t think it’ll do them any good, even if they manage to escape the conventional punishment of violating natural law by participating in the conspiracy of the secret combinations among us that seek to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries.

I keep thinking I ought to stock up on cigarettes. I hear they work well as an exchangeable commodity after the excrement hits the air propulsion unit.


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