Saturday, September 17, 2005

Silver headed for $50 per ounce?

CPM Group reported in its annual Silver Survey last month that newly mined and refined silver fell short of industrial demand 44.5 million ounces last year and will see another deficit of about 31.4 million ounces this year. MarketWatch quoted New Jersey analyst Paul Mladjenovic predicting a near-term breakout to $8.50 for silver and a $50 silver price as early as two years away. – DPB


Police officers are said to be reluctant to carry out orders to confiscate firearms in New Orleans. [FMNN]

To be fair, at least some in the police and military still have a conscience. It’s about 50/50, but it’s hard to tell who will go which way. But considering your paper money has served to forge the chains that bind you, it’s not looking good for the cause of freedom.

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