Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Silver Lining

"No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debt"...
Art.1 Section 10 U.S. Constitution

Thomas Jefferson recommended on September 2, 1776, to the Continental Congress, that the United States adopt the silver "Spanish Milled Dollar" called "Pillar Pieces of Eight", as our monetary unit of value, since daily trade was transacted in that coin.

The Mint Act of April 2, 1792 fixed the coinage ratio of gold and silver as 1 to 15.
--History of the United States Mint

Dear American: You may not realize it, but you've lost your country.

You are living in a land where you possess much, but own little or nothing because you threw away your Constitution, turned your republic into a democracy, commercialized your government, and let your democratically elected officials give your property to international bankers. Then you mocked natural law by allowing them to export your debt. For that alone, America is on its way to the woodshed!

What are you going to do when those foreign holders of your debt come to collect?

The Secret Combination infiltrated your government. The super rich have gold and silver. These powerful men are in control of your Government. We the Slaves have worthless pieces of paper. The Banks have the power to demand payment in full on a loan AT ANY TIME or they seize your house or other belongings.

The Skunk at the Financial Garden Party

Naturally the ONE-WORLD Government envisioned by the MONEY CHANGERS will require a ONE-WORLD Currency. But with the U.S. dollar, the German mark, the Swiss franc, the English pound, and Japanese yen etc. all being different in value. They must come up with a way to make all currency equal in value. The easiest and surest way is to collapse the world economy and make all the currency's worthless. If you think it will not happen, you really have a rude awakening coming. When the day the great foreclosure becomes a reality, on that day all possessions - your home, car, the family farm, and all property will become the property of the MONEY-CHANGERS.
[The Great Foreclosure]

Unless you get a collective grip on reality!

From The Comming Great Forclosure...

...it should be known by the borrowing public that Banksters and other Lenders have jeopardized their postiton as a 'holder in due course' for some rather glaring reasons.

The Promissory Note says the Bank can foreclose if payments are not received on schedule. Further, many Promissory Notes contain an 'acceleration clause 'which means the Bank can 'call' the Note anytime it desires to do so, without Notice....the full remaining balance is due right now!

So where is the 'good faith'? There is NONE on behalf of the Bank/Lender who has nothing at risk, yet can take the Mortgaged property at a whim.

Further, because a Bank/Lender puts nothing at risk (just a simple bookkeeping/computer entry)it is not qualified to be a 'holder in due course' as it has given nothing of value and is charging interest on NON-EXISTANT funds!

It is time for the American Debtor Public to be aware of the sham to which they are an unwitting party.

The same analogy applies here as it does with Statutory Law (color of law) and FRN's (colorable money)....both appear to genuine but are absolute fakes.

Also, see Rights and Monopoly Money and Alpha and Omega.

What happened?.....

You gave up your ability to think!

You gave it away to external authorities in various combinations.

As a behavioral scientist, it appears that a vast share of folks in our nation have chosen to relinquish a quality no doubt essential to authentic human life….. an existential responsibility to think for themselves, an ontological need to discount the petty concerns that drive the minds of those directed by triviality. It seems that such individuals have become so fantastically preoccupied with, essentially enamored by, the norm of what others think, they have effectively relinquished, through a process of cognitive foreclosure, the capacity to think for themselves.
--Doug Soderstrom
The Mindless American: A Tragedy In The Making

Use this key to unlock your mind.

Cognize this.....

Silver To Blow Sky High, Gold To Follow

October 15 - Gold $469.20 - Silver $7.80

The SUA is a dubious, manipulative organization, whose sole purpose is to artificially depress the price of silver."

Silver has been too quiet and acted too mysteriously for far too long. Silver is the one market which is most likely to erupt out of the blue and go ballistic with no apparent reasons showing on the surface.

Someone very short is desperate to cover those shorts, knows what is coming re a growing derivatives problem, and wanted out on Friday at any price because they know the silver price-rigging scheme is coming to an end.
[Steve QuayleNews]

I will continue feeding you small doses of reality until you wake up to freedom.

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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