Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Good Day in a Kangaroo Court

I never though I would hear myself saying such a thing but we cleaned out the courtroom. The preparations went down to the wire, but everything came together at the last minute. The unofficial Attorney for the banking interests was literally shaking as the defendant put him to the wall , so to speak, in a private room. (no witnesses allowed) The scene is best described below by the defendant:

Dear Team,

What a day – it looks like that the Plaintiff dropped the case after a very interesting morning session. The attached the MANDATORY JUDICIAL NOTICE (got filed last night) and the MOTION TO DISMISS (the real one), we filed this morning right before the Judge was to start the case. After is was recorded, it was hand delivered to the Judge by the Clerk – the Judge never came out to see us, made us wait for 45 minutes (he must have gone home to change his diapers? – then an other judge came to hear the case – told the Plaintiff’s Attorney to settle with me under all circumstances – we guess, the CACV/FLEET attorneys must have been told to get rid of this case and let me go free, since they did not want the Judge, or court to get cooked over our Bond claims along with other key content as you’ll see in the attached MOTIONS. There is much more to it – but let’s talk when we get to talk – great experience for all of us that made it to the court today – the “people” win, the corrupt bankers and government loses!

Sorry, but I don’t have a way to post the attachments mantioned above to this blog. I might send then by email to the right persons if requested. (Bogus authorities need not bother to request)

While the morning was cause for celebration, the afternoon took a different turn when an unofficial Justice, Keith L. Stoney, in an unofficial West Valley City Justice Court sent the Governor of the State of Utah (Not Jon M. Huntsman Jr.) to jail, AGAIN, in an attempted extortionate extension of credit (an unlawful paper money fine) relating to a bogus contempt charge and jailing for which he had no authority to execute in the first place. This guy Stoney, who wears black dresses, just doesn’t know when to quit, but will be looking for new employment in not so many days. The defendant in the right to travel case prevailed on appeal by the way, and that purported judge didn’t know when to quit either, because he didn’t give the car stolen by the unofficial police officer without due process of law back to the defendant, leaving it open for further action, and exposure of their racketeering corrupt fraternity of oath and covenant breaking extortionists.

These people don’t realize how close they are to being displaced, or how close the renversment of unofficial government in the State of Utah really is. (According to my boss - a Jewish carpenter)

They are, however, demonstrating their proficiency at cooking their own goose! Perhaps they will find productive employment in the ever expanding service sector as food handlers, provided all the jobs haven’t been filled by those flooding in from the southern border.

This is a beacon call to all government unofficials in every sector of the command structure. You will be the first ones to be fed into the meat grinder when the bell tolls. The conspirators have no compassion, no loyalty towards you. You are safer in the light than skulking around in the dark continually seeking justification for your ignorance and obliviousness.

Here’s a couple of news items from the anticivilization before I head back to the parallel universe:

What if Bush and Kerry don't represent you?

Though most of these third- (fourth-, fifth- and 15th-) party candidates won't actually be on your ballot today, these people are real, at least according to Web sites such as politics1.com, americanmuslimvoters.com and others. Some of the choices:

Name: Lawrence Rey Topham.
Party: Independent.

Housing Bubble Bursts in the Market for U.S. Mortgage Bonds

In the U.S. bond market, the housing bubble has burst. Bonds backed by home loans to the riskiest borrowers, the fastest growing part of the $7.6 trillion mortgage market, have lost about 2.5 percent since September on concern an 18-month rise in interest rates may force more than 150,000 consumers to default. [Bloomberg]

Debt, Unemployment, Privatization and War: How Greenspan Skewered America

As Greenspan applies the last few turns of the screw (raising interest rates twice more before he leaves) we're bound to see the credit-shackled middle class begin an orderly march towards the nearest cliff where they will quickly disappear lemming-like into the sea. [Prison Planet]

Gotta get back to the future now.

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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