Saturday, January 14, 2006

Real Terrorists Rape Consumers.

It doesn't matter that you had a contract with the credit card companies to only pay a certain percentage, the Fed says you need to double your payments, "for your own good." How many times have we heard that filthy lie, "It's for your own good," as politicians and their owners overstuff their pockets and fat stomachs at your expense? NAFTA, GATT/GANN, and all the free trade legislation was 'for our own good,' and now after bleeding literally MILLIONS of jobs from this country, the Fed is performing the coup de gras, the final cut to the jugular of the already weakened, castrated bullock that is America. [PRAVADA]

My credit cards are paid in full each month. And I am rapidly moving away from using them. Personally I think everyone should pay debts they are obligated for. However, I object with the government inteference with contracts, something that is prohibited by the constitution, BTW.

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I assume you mean “was” prohibited by the Constitution. That Contract (organic Constitution) with the people was broken with the civil war, and the Fourteenth Amendment laid the groundwork for the Socialist System. The constitutional government[s], as set forth by the founding fathers, is not currently in place...and has not been since the so-called Civil War. The current demonic cabal currently in control was able to create its power base in the Federal Reserve System. As a consequence, those who participate in the insurrection of the same have lost their natural law rights to own and control property, and well as their natural law rights of free agency through acquiescence, or should I say ignorance, to the reality of the hoax in which the parameters are defined for the “common herd”

I am beginning to wonder if it is possible to have a rational conversation about freedom with anyone maintaining a bank account with any member of the Federal Reserve. That is to say you are ahead of the “common herd” and definitely headed in the right direction my friend. As it relates to the income tax, if we cease our participation in the hoax, that problem is discarded to the dustbin of history, along with most all the rest of the problems currently wracking civilization. That, in my humble opinion, is the reality that has yet to sink in with those in the tax honesty movement, although Robert Schultz seems to finally be coming around to that reality as of late.

Given the current state of affairs worldwide, I’m not sure if it is possible to restore the Constitution in its organic form with things deteriorating at the current accelerated pace, and so many still anesthetized in the “field of poppies.” What I do know for sure is that the best chances for survival will come from those who can make the break.

I did receive some hope however, as it was my good fortune to attend the funeral services of W. Cleon Skousen who was quoted as saying, “I have read the book, and in the end, we win!”

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As far as rational conversations with people who have bank accounts, I agree. Just a few days ago I was trying to point out the flaws of fractional reserve banking and the fraud of the Federal reserve in general, on a very freedom oriented board, The Claire Files forum. Most did not get it. I gave up my bank account several years ago. I maintain my credit cards as it is the only way I can conduct some forms of my business. But I pay them off and let them sit if I don't need to use them for anything. I have accumulated enough silver to be safe in a dollar crash, but most merchants are not currently accepting silver. The system is rigged against anyone trying to avoid the current payment system. Makes things interesting, but it is also giving rise to black and grey markets where things are little easier. I don't like having to do things I am against (dealing with banks), but in some cases it is the only way to stay in the fight.


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