Wednesday, February 08, 2006


In America, truth has become a twisted, televised, and purchased commodity. Truth is created to suit the needs of the purchaser. Non-profits are the perfect example of truth commodities. They seek out government or philanthropic organizations with missions, and then they tweek their non-profit agendas to suit the hands that feed them. Environmental organizations become land and water confiscation organizations. Pharmaceutical companies become public addiction and punishment professionals. Schools and universities become political and social engineers that suit the desires of the wealthiest few on the planet. The highest bidder masterminds truth, while mankind gets ready for another historical period of brutality, force, enslavement, and servitude.

Sadly, plain and simple truth has collided with politics. Politics is now a business that covers, hides, and masquerades truth in partnership/NGO bureaucracies. The plain and simple truth is that America, the sovereign nation, with its borders, its Constitutional government, and its founding principles are being buried beneath international laws, which trump ours. America is ending. The ending of America has been in the works for upwards of 100 years, and sadly, stupidly, we, the people, voted for our globalist destroyers.

Last chance for truth, America. Get rid of Congress. Vote them out. It’s your very last chance. Your loyalty to your 2-Party system is handing your nation to the governance of the United Nations. We are being regionalized according to United Nations mandates. Get rid of your state governors who are helping the globalists achieve their one-world government by tearing down your local governments and leadership. “Environmentalism” is the cover story behind globalism. Your state governors are in bed with environmental land theft organizations. Clean house in your state legislatures.
--Nancy Levant February 7, 2006

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