Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Unused conscience, available in pristine condition.
The owners do not have any use for it.
The constitution. Obsolete piece of historical document of little relevance. Any offer will be entertained.

The Soul – (ALL SOLD OUT - SORRY!)

More sale items here.

thank you for the plug to my latest post.

You have a very interesting blog, it is indeed a shame I only discovered it today.

would like to exchange views on global issues, if you are up for it.

my email is over(underscore)emailATyahooDOTcom
My view of global issues is round, but fit nicely inside the square box I store it in for viewing. I would be happy to exchange it, but it probably wouldn’t be much in the way of value to you, as you seem to have the same view already; assuming there really is “no such thing as a joke.” And my view may take some time to arrive in the mail, considering the tangled web it has to travel. But I am sure it would get to you just as soon as democracy is established in the Middle East, or the sun turns to ice; whichever comes first. And besides, it’s going to take a little time to clean up the gut instincts I spilled all over the place after attending your little fire sale.
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